The exclusive Groupon Seal of Approval

The Seal of Approval “ – Recommendation” indicates to visitors of your website, that Groupon guarantees excellent customer service offered by your company. This exclusive Seal of Approval is awarded by a careful internal selection process of evaluating partners who have previosly been credited for outstanding customer satisfaction. 
Key Information: 

• The Groupon Seal of Approval represents excellent customer service, customer satisfaction and exceptional quality.
• The integration of The Groupon Seal of Approval is free and exclusive – it is only available to selected Groupon partners.
• The Groupon Seal of Approval is applicable for all companies who highly value good customers, patient or client relationships.
• The integration of The Groupon Seal of Approval is nonbinding.

Below is attached the four size variations of The Groupon Seal of Approval. due to exclusivity and measures to prevent fraudulent use this is just a sample. If you are a partner and are interested in this Seal of Approval, please contact us at
150 x 150
200 x 200
250 x 250
300 x 300
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