What Cardiff Attractions are Available?

Standing tall as the vibrant capital city of Wales, Cardiff offers all visitors a wide variety of exciting things to see and do during their stay. Positioned in the south of the UK with its periphery bordering the Bristol Channel, it's a city that has all the typical quirky delights of a seaside town - including the aromatic whiff of fish and chip shops, jingling amusement arcade centres, and scenic boat trips - whilst also boasting a sense of sophistication at its core with fine architecture, toppling skyscrapers and shopping complexes in the city centre. Despite its multicultural presence, Cardiff never strays too far away from its roots, and for anyone looking to catch a taste of Welsh agriculture and produce, there are two excellent local farmer's markets to visit in Roath and Riverside.

Cultural and Historical Attractions in Cardiff

There is a rich sense of history and culture in the air in the city of Cardiff. Cardiff attractions like Cardiff Castle, Castle Coch, the National Museum of Cardiff and St Fagan's National History Museum provide visitors with an opportunity to lap up this sense of nationalism and pride. For culture vultures, the Chapter Arts Centre on Market Road showcases art, performances and film from all over the world, and for anyone wishing to deeply immerse themselves in some true Welsh passion, a visit to the Cardiff City Stadium or The Millennium Stadium on match day ought to do the trick.

If you are on the look out for some other kind of entertainment or leisure activities, then Cardiff is the place to be. All sorts of other activities that maybe one would not be inclined to practice normally in the UK, including rather uncommon sports such as ice hockey, baseball, even rafting, are becoming more and more popular.

Now Cardiff has taken the expense out of these activities, both for spectators and participants, by proposing vouchers for all sorts of alternative leisure activities in and around Cardiff.

These vouchers for other activities can be used also for other leisure offers such as improving our health and fitness in the many centres for leisure activities in Cardiff. Use a voucher to access other leisure complexes, like sports clubs, gyms, wellness centres, and other similar facilities. For those whose idea of leisure is a little less sporty the new central library in Cardiff, described as a "modern cultural venue" is developing as a leisure attraction, a leisurely way to spend an afternoon using vouchers. Also Cardiff has many important golf clubs, and a voucher can be useful when you decide to have a round of golf, or even a drink in the bar. Other leisure offers include vouchers to ease the expense of participating in Cardiff's busy nightlife, some of the many Cardiff super-clubs will accept a voucher.

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