Want to See London from Above?

There is nothing more peaceful than floating in a hot air balloon, looking down on the landscape of town or country without being immersed in all the noise and bustle. Imagine doing this over the cityscape of London and seeing all its parks and historic buildings from a totally different perspective and even taking a peek into the Queen's backyard. Even with the amount of air traffic over London it is still possible to book this fantastic experience. What could be a more romantic way of celebrating a special occasion or even a marriage proposal? Champagne can be supplied too!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in London with Adventure Balloons

Adventure Balloons is a Hampshire-based company and is the only ballooning company with a license to operate in London air-space. Its flying season is short, from April to August only, with flights on weekday mornings. Take off at dawn for an exhilarating journey, floating across the city landscape. Adventure Balloons have a centrally located take-off point next to the City Hall Office of the Mayor of London, only a short distance from the Tower of London. Ballooning has remained virtually unchanged since the first flights 200 years ago and you will still be enjoying your ride from within a traditional wicker basket. Visit their site to see amazing pictures from previous flights and find all the booking details.

What a fun and exciting way to spend a weekend, what an unforgettable first date. You won't believe it but with these leisure offers vouchers from Groupon you can save up to 70 per cent on the cost of hot air balloon rides. If you want to impress someone special and when it comes to hot air balloon London has the finest. Imagine how impressed your friends would be if you bought some of these vouchers, and take them around London in the air. Make sure you buy your vouchers now for these hot air balloon rides in London!. These deals sell fast so you need to make sure that you buy your vouchers now, before they all sell out! Of course when you are up in the skies of London on one of our rides, you'll want to have some refreshments. The vouchers include the cost of champagne! If you are looking for hot air balloon London has the best to offer. Remember, don't miss out, buy your vouchers now!

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