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Now you can enjoy the super savings on your dining nights with your friends and family at the local Norwegian food restaurant with this awesome set of vouchers. Norwegian food is famous for the fact that its raw ingredients are readily available in Norway's wilderness, mountains and coasts. These cuisines have been popular across Scandinavia and constantly honoured in international food competitions. The voucher for the local Norwegian food place will offer you a refreshing, spectacular culinary experience with distinctive Norwegian food including: smoked salmon that claimed international popularity, fresh trout, salted lamb ribs, tasty root vegetables and wholegrain flat bread, leek soup, Marinated Edam Cheese (one of the primary export goods of Norway) and many more.

Save on Norwegian food delicacies

Norway is a country of major coffee drinkers, but its outstanding beverage is the traditional home-brewed beer and wine. Customers can taste local specialties such as "Blande" - the traditional sour drink popular to 90 % Norwegian. Therefore, those vouchers are also perfect presents for friends (after all, who can resist voucher with such great bargain?). Delicious Norwegian food voucher is always in high demand, so better grab yours quick because other town folks, like you, would not want to miss such a chance. Reserve your seats at for Norwegian food now and get ready to indulge yourself in this lovely treat from Norway for your taste buds. Be sure to tell your friends about Groupon’s amazing Norwegian food vouchers so they can take advantage of these great discounts as well!
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