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Voucher to the Cherimoyas and Back!

This is your great opportunity to try out delicious Peruvian food! Vouchers for Peruvian food are now available in your area, so hurry up and bag a voucher before they're all gone! In fact, since you are bound to love Peruvian food and your return to the Peruvian food table is pretty much guaranteed, why not get two vouchers instead? Peruvian food has lots and lots of wonderful dishes, but many traditional ingredients aren’t easily found in Great Britain. One of these examples is the Cherimoyas, a fruit known in English as 'custard apples' and yuccas, which is a plant similar to a small palm tree.

The Peruvian Cuisine

The Peruvian people love meat and seafood, and because of that a lot of Peruvian food is based off of these 2 main ingredients. Some other kinds of Peruvian food are rich stews - some flavoured with chocolate - and hearty soups suitable for cold winter evenings. Many dishes contain different types of beans such as Lima beans or Favas, and many unusual types of grains such as Quinoa are common ingredients in Peruvian food. When discounts and vouchers are available for your local restaurant serving Peruvian food, now would also be a good time to think about introducing your family and friends to this style of food with a voucher. A Peruvian food voucher makes a great gift for almost anyone - even a vegetarian will be sure to find some tasty, tempting dishes. Be quick though - so many other people are bound to want a voucher for a Peruvian meal, they won't be available for long!
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