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Would you like to experience Portuguese food at a reduced price? Who wouldn’t? Groupon can give you the opportunity to save money doing what you enjoy through our vouchers…or what you’ve never tried before and might like to. Check on our website for vouchers and see if there’s one for your nearest Portuguese food restaurant. Their dishes are similar to Mediterranean cuisine and are rich and filling.Portugal has a well-developed fishing industry so if you’re a fan of seafood, Portuguese food might be the one for you. You could try the bacalhau which is cod and can apparently be cooked 365 different ways.

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Pork is the most popular meat in Portuguese food so you could try leitão assado which is roast suckling pig or carne de porco à Alentajana, which is pork marinated in wine and garnished with clams. Obviously the whole menu can’t be explained on here because it doesn’t do it justice so your best bet is to go to the Portuguese food restaurant yourself and check it out. If you find a voucher for two people it would be a great opportunity to treat a friend or a loved one. Even if it’s their birthday or not everyone deserves a treat now and then. All you have to do is register, buy your Portuguese food voucher and enjoy your meal…and the savings. You won’t find offers this great anywhere else so take advantage of a voucher now so you don’t regret it.
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