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Try Out the Rainbow Cuisine!

Adorably named the ‘rainbow cuisine’, South African food is known to be very colourful. It offers culinary challenges such as crocodile sirloins, fried caterpillars and even sheep heads, but don’t worry, there are obviously options for the not-quite-so-confident people too! Barbeques (braai) are quite common in South African food, tradition & culture. It’s not unusual to smell boerewors (hand-made farm sausages) or biltong (dried, salted meat) being grilled on them. Sound interesting? Wait till you can taste it yourself, invite your friends with some South African food vouchers, be spontaneous and live a little!

South African Food All Night

Let the night ride into the sunrise with these vouchers of massive savings for South African food and check our website to find a new voucher that’ll take you out for an after party! Some restaurants serving South African food will be decked out in traditional attire which might include tribal paintings and artefacts, and with this great voucher you can afford to treat yourself to traditional South African food such as dessert like custard melkkos (sago pudding with custard) or koeksisters, which are dough cakes dipped in syrup. If you’ve enjoyed the South African food, both the voucher and the cuisine, you could even go again using the money you’ve saved and you never know… there might be a different South African food voucher waiting already for your next visit. With the potential South African food savings of up to 70%, it really pays to look online beforehand and skim through the vouchers.
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