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10 Foods to Avoid in a New Relationship

BY: Emma Toner | 5 Feb 2015
10 Foods to Avoid in a New Relationship

Most people pass gas or belch more than 20 times a day - but that seems to be WAY exacerbated when in a new relationship, perhaps because you are hyper conscious and desperate to make a good appearance. No one wants to be that person. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 foods you should avoid in the throes of a new relationship.



No more hipster cauliflower pizza bases or cauliflower rice until you know your new love a little better.

Brussels Sprouts

brussels sprouts

Goes without saying - ALWAYS pass on the sprouts.



Lots of fruit contain a sugar called sorbitol that causes excessive gas. Peaches are one of the main culprits, also avoid apples and pears.



When your intestines break down starch it can cause excessive gas. Avoid all breads, pastries and cereals.



Also a starch. No romantic ‘Lady and the Tramp’ spaghetti sharing moment for you!



An excessively gassy vegetable that should be avoided at all costs. Don’t worry it’s not like onions are common in cooking…

Milk and Dairy Products


Lactose can be a problem for digestion if the body doesn’t have enough lactase. If you want to guarantee you’re bloat free it’s best to avoid the ice cream when it comes to dessert.



Beans beans go to your heart the more you eat them the more you…

Fizzy Drinks


Fizzy drinks are carbonated with air so it makes sense that this excessive air in your stomach could cause gas or trapped wind. Sugar free soft drinks also contain sweetener which also causes wind.



Popcorn is also a starch and when consumed in large amounts can cause stomach pain and gas. Pass on the popcorn on your next cinema date.

So there you have it folks, looks like the next few months of your life is going to be pretty bland, but being in a new couple should make up for it.

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