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3 Interiors Blogs You Need in Your Life

BY: Jenna Crotty | 7 May 2015
3 Interiors Blogs You Need in Your Life

My hunt for homewares, documented on my interiors blog, keeps me scrolling the inspiring words and photographs of my fellow interiors bloggers on a daily basis. I thought I’d share some interesting finds...

Minimal Desks

Despite the fact that this strikingly specific blog is about one thing and one thing only, Minimal Desks is highly addictive. When I first came across it, I couldn’t resist scrolling image after image, and afterwards found myself itching to rethink my entire working space.

minimal desks collage

Images property of Minimal Desks. Follow Minimal Desks on Twitter.

Lynne Knowlton

This blogger’s quirky writing style makes this blog very unique. Her bright personality bursts out of her words and the mix of fonts, warm imagery and simple layout make a pleasure to visit.

lynne knowlton collage

Images property of Lynne Knowlton. Follow Lynne Knowlton on Twitter.

Bright Bazaar Blog

This colourful blog is a celebration of all things vibrant and bright. Blogger Will Taylor has a keen eye for beauty and browsing his delightful Bright Bazaar Blog will boost your mood.

Bright Bazaar collage

Images property of Will Taylor-Willis. Follow Will Taylor on Twitter.


About the author: Jenna Crotty is the homeware-obsessed author of Irish interiors blog and a freelance content writer through her website

BY: Jenna Crotty