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Introducing Emma Toner

BY: | 18 Feb 2014
Introducing Emma Toner

Who is Emma Toner?

Emma is one of the content managers for Groupon's City Guide. In a nutshell,  she curates, edits and uploads the content for City Guide. She went through a lot of questionable jobs (turkey plucker, waitress in an alien themed restaurant, dog walker, nanny) before she arrived at her dream job as an editor of City Guide. After hours she is a full time fripster (farmer + hipster = fripster).

Describe your job

Working for Groupon's City Guide is my ideal job as I get to live vicariously through my bloggers with their inspiring articles. I'm also really into food - talking about it, reading about it, photographing it (I have a food blog) so reading and editing food articles doesn't feel like a job!

What do you do when you're not content managing?

I tweet a lot (mainly food - what I'm eating, what I'm drinking and occasionally I use it to rant), I also Instagram way too much (again, food, drink, dogs and sometimes sugar skulls - slightly obsessed!). I love going to festivals, travelling (favourite city - New York without a doubt), random country pursuits and using the word 'middlin'.

Emma Toner

Follow Emma

Twitter: @middlin_tweets