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The Best Hangover Cures in The Smoke

BY: Rejina Sabur-Cross | 30 Jun 2014
The Best Hangover Cures in The SmokeWe’ve all been there - the morning after the night before, the merciless wrenching open of bloodshot eyelids as your parched mouth and comatose liver demand some attention. Cue a series of increasingly disturbing flashbacks plus the immediate and desperate need for something full fat and sugary, followed by something fresh and cleansing perhaps. My personal cure involves lying in the recovery position in front of various 80s films while working my way through the magical elixir that is full fat coke, a couple of rennies and a filthy junk food fest. Should you manage to rouse yourself from the sofa, here are some excellent hangover haunts. Chicken dumplings in broth at Honey and Co - Honey and Co does a wonderful line in home cooked middle eastern comfort food. The menu is seasonal and constantly changing, but if you’re lucky they might still be serving these dumplings. Ethereally light in a herb-flecked broth so restorative you can practically feel your dying brain cells groaning back to life with every spoonful. Dirty fry up at E. Pellici - there’s no real scientific evidence behind the grease needed to mop up excess alcohol argument, but any excuse for a first rate fry up at this grade II listed building caff in Bethnal Green. It’s been in the hands of the same family since 1900 and the food is lovingly hand prepared by Mama Maria every single day. If you’re on more of a junk food mission, then perhaps a deep fried square of macaroni cheese from Wishbone will sate that blood-sugar dip? Treat yourself to a round of fried chicken while you’re there. Or perhaps only a burger will sort you out? The undisputed king of meat patties, a single Lucky Chip cheeseburger is pretty much guaranteed to assuage the most appalling hangover. Or how about a roast dinner with bone marrow gravy plus all the trimmings at Hawksmoor? Voted the best Sunday Lunch by the Observer Food Monthly and with good reason - the superb cocktails also make an excellent hair of the dog choice. Hawksmoor Roast If you’d rather restore yourself while being kind to your waistline then a generous bowl of lean animal bits, steaming herbal broth, rice noodles, chillies, lime and bean sprouts are just what the doctor ordered. Mien Tay make a truly sublime pho - don’t forget to order a side of hot and sour green papaya salad and sticky grilled quail to nibble on. If it’s a sugar fix you’re after then a bun (or a superlative cupcake) and a cuppa at Violet Cakes in Wilton way is one of the finest in the capital. And if you’re still feeling shrivelled and dessicated, then I cannot recommend a delicious fresh mint lemonade at Yalla Yalla enough - it’s literally like drinking a glass of life. So, next time you find yourself becoming over familiar with your evil pal Mrs Cogener you know what to do. And please do share - after all who wants to be lying in a dark room with the shakes after a night drinking rugby players under the table? Image Credit: Roast from Hawksmoor, whatleydude, flickr Image Credit: Lucky Chip cheeseburger,annie and andrew, flickr What or where are your hangover cures? Tweet us! @Groupon_UK #grouponguide ____ Check out our deals for restaurants in London.
BY: Rejina Sabur-Cross