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Introducing Laura Fountain

BY: | 7 Jun 2014
Introducing Laura Fountain

Who is Laura Fountain?

Laura Fountain is a journalist, blogger, author and editor living and running in London. After 26 years of inactivity, Laura started running and has since run eight marathons and is now training for an Ironman triathlon. Her blog Lazy Girl Running, was turned into a book ‘The Lazy Runner’. It follows Laura from clueless couch potato to finishing her first sub-4 hour marathon and offers advice that she's learnt along the way.

Laura is a UK Athletics qualified run leader and runs weekly running groups in North London where she helps beginner runners learn how to run and, more importantly, how to enjoy it.

You can find her on Twitter as @lazygirlrunning

Laura's Favourite...

Marathon: Edinburgh (there was a beer tent at the finish)

Place to run: Hampstead Heath

Running quote: "The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." - John Bingham