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You Won't Believe How Much These Gifts Cost

BY: Editors | 25 Aug 2017

When it comes to birthday gifts, it's all about finding a gift that’s going to be appreciated. All too often do we splash out on a “perfect gift”…

…That’s just put in a cupboard and never used again.

With gifts, and especially birthday present, it's most important to find something that will resonate with the person you're giving the gift to. Something thoughtful will always be appreciated more than something expensive that they don't actually want. Think about gifts that you’ve received and loved – were they necessarily the most expensive thing that person could have bought you?

There are lots of great gift ideas out there that don't have to cost a fortune. With a bit of savvy and some out of the box thinking you can get a personal gift that will put a smile on their face.

Think about what they're into, what makes them tick and what they already have. (There's nothing worse than gifting someone something that they already have.)

Read on to discover some fancy sounding gift ideas will almost certainly put a smile on that special person’s face, and without breaking the bank – leaving a smile on your face too!

Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

How much we could find it for online - £18.99

Nothing says “I’m a classy drinker” like a cocktail. Whether you prefer a classic Mojito, a free-wheeling Margarita, or a refined Sidecar, there’s always something you can mix up to get the party started. Why not create the spectacle of a cocktail bar with fancy looking (but relatively cheap) Manhattan Cocktail set.

An ideal gift for the wannabe mixologist and a must for any kitchen cupboard, the set contains a 550ml stainless steel cocktail shaker, a wooden muddler for crushing things like berries and mint leaves, a twisted stainless steel bar spoon for mixing, a stainless steel hawthorne strainer, and a 25ml/50ml measuring jigger to make sure your recipe is spot on.

Personalised Parker gold trim pen

How much we could find it for online- £12.99

Any personalised gift shows that you've thought about a gift for the person and spent some time getting something unique. There are loads of personalised products out there, but if you know someone who writes, does a lot of business, or is always looking for something to scribble notes with, what better gift to give than a personalised pen?

Perfect for birthdays, but also graduations, weddings and teacher or tutors, a personalised Parker pen is a way to say thank you in style, and a personalised message makes it all the more special.

The personalised pen is in a metal finish with gold trim and comes engraved with your choice of message. Coming supplied in a display box, the pen makes the perfect gift for a wannabe writer or someone constantly on the go!

Name a Star gift box

How much we could find it for online - £13.64

There's something magical about stars. They are so ingrained in our culture that we live our lives based on the movements of our closest star (the Sun, of course), use them to predict what's going to happen in our lives and we even wish on them. There are billions of them in the sky, and with a ‘name a star’ gift set you can name one after the special person in your life so they can claim it as their own! What’s even better is that these packages won’t cost you the moon and stars.

Included in a typical box is a history of astronomy, a constellation map and everything you need for naming your own star. Once you've chosen the name for your star, you or the person it’s for will usually be sent an A4 certificate of the “star deed” with information on where to find it in the sky.

Dali's melting watch

How much we could find it for online - £20.99

If there's one thing nobody has enough of, it's time. We always seem to be running out of it, and are always trying to find more of it.  And if you know someone who is always running around like the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, then what better gift could you get them than Dali's melting watch?

Based on the world famous painting The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, the ‘melting watch’ is a wristwatch with a “melting” face. Though unusual to look at, the watch is fully functional and tells the time accurately. This is the perfect unusual gift for an art lover or for a quirky type who likes something a bit different.

Gin Botanicals set  

How much we could find it for online – £16.95

Gin is one of the most popular drinks in the UK, with sales hitting £1 Billion in the last year. For the first time ever, the government has taken in more money from spirits than beer in a financial year.

The rise in popularity of the drink has seen a host of craft gin distilleries popping up round the country. What sets gins apart from other spirits (and even each other) is their individual mix of herbs and botanicals.

With a Gin botanicals set, you get a whole host of herbs and flavourings like raspberry and rose petals, earl grey and blue flower, cocktail infusion bags and a collection of seeds for growing your own herbs to flavour your gin exactly to your tastes. You can also get a propagator, mini compost discs for growing your herbs and a cocktail book for inspiration on how to create your own gin based cocktails. Perfect for students (gin is rather trendy these days), those with green fingers (who might enjoy the growing part), or any ‘spiritual type’ who would like to create their own unique tipple.

All of the gift ideas here show that you can give something that won't break the bank that will still be appreciated by the person you're giving it to. After all, giving gifts isn't about spending money - it's about making a connection with the person you're giving it to and bringing some joy to their life. Hopefully the ideas here will give you inspiration on how to find the perfect gift on a budget!