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The Crown Netflix TV London and Windsor Castle Full Day Private Tour

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Windsor Castle is Britain’s most important landmark and the home of this magnificent romantic chivalry is the great inspiration of Netflix’s The Crown series. We can understand some fictitious an overly dramatized context of the world-famous TV series and presumably one of the best ways to understand the true stories and events related to monarchs starting from King George VI’s rule and onwards. In this TV show, the eldest living Royal family member was Queen Mary, and you can see plenty of traces of the Queen in Windsor such as immaculate Queen Mary’s Dolls House. Like other Crown Tours of Tourope UK, our professional guides will tell you the genealogy of the Royal family with their royal roots including the last member of the monarch our Queen Elizabeth II (Lilibet) to make you understand the roles of all Royal members. On this “The Crown” tour we will immortalize the Royal members by touching their lives and depicting their true stories behind the scenes. Let us take you there!

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Stop At: Windsor Castle, Castle Hill, Windsor SL4 1PD England

The world's oldest inhabited castle is not only the nation's iconic treasure but also the Crown's most important royal residence. Our tour is going to start with Windsor Castle which we will reach by train and our journey will start from London Waterloo (Or private transportation will be at your choice). Windsor Castle has been emphasised in the Crown's Season 2, Episode 1 when the Queen takes care of Charles and Alice; Season 2, Episode 9 when Charles stares at Eton College through the windows of Windsor Castle (Lord Mountbatten was preparing Charles for Eton College) but he came to naught because of Prince Philip's ideology. Father King George VI's touching funeral in Windsor Castle’s St George's Chapel in Season 1, Episode 3 (The name of the Episode is "Windsor" per see and the title of uncle Edward VIII is "Duke of Windsor" too, smartly addressed). Probably the most remarkable and memorable episode was Episode 8 Season 2, well, the revenge of Queen Elizabeth against Mrs Kennedy at the second appointment after Buckingham Palace goof. The singular, unforgettable quote of Queen Elizabeth was: "Well... Let's meet the audience in Windsor Castle, Sometimes only a fortress will do" The glorious past of Windsor Castle, of course, is not limited to notable words and precious moments. It's the cradle of British history, passion, pleasure, romance, victory, proud and the power. Windsor Castle is the oldest landmark in continuous occupation. Together with Buckingham Palace in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, it is one of the principal official residences of the British monarch. Windsor Castle is located in the Berkshire town of Windsor, in the Thames Valley to the west of London. Queen Elizabeth II spends many weekends of the year at Windsor Castle, using it for both state and private entertaining. Windsor Castle dates to the time of William the Conqueror. Most of the kings and queens of England have had a direct influence on the construction and evolution of Windsor Castle, which has been their garrison, fortress, home, official palace, and sometimes prison. The castle's history and that of the British monarchy are inextricably linked. Chronologically the history of the castle can be traced through the reigns of the monarchs who have occupied it. When the country has been at peace Windsor Castle has been expanded by the additions of large and grand apartments; when the country has been at war the castle has been more heavily fortified. This pattern has continued to the present day. Queen Elizabeth II decided in 1952 to make Windsor her principal weekend retreat. The private apartments which had not been properly occupied since the era of Queen Mary were renovated and further modernised, and the Queen, Prince Philip and their four children took up residence. This arrangement has continued to the present day. Today in Windsor Castle; we will explore this oldest and the largest inhabited castle in the world, we will learn how Windsor Castle was transformed into an ostentatious palace, we will see how Monarchs added their own style and ambition to the different elegant rooms, we will hear how this palace of romance was to restore royal fortunes of the King who lost his head, And in St George's Chapel, where Harry and Meghan married hosts the Crown members in peace. Amongst them the grandfather King George V and the grandmother gracious Queen Mary, the father King George VII and the mother Elizabeth (Queen Mother), sister Margaret and all other important monarchs including Henry VIII and his favourite wife Jane Seymour. Executed King Charles I and the uncles of Queen Victoria, the pleasure King George IV who literally remodelled Windsor Castle as well as caring Uncle King William IV. 1000 years of history can neither be fit in the episodes, nor in the time but our professional Blue Badge guides will do their best to make your day the most memorable one in Queen Elizabeth II's powerful fortress.

Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Trafalgar Square / Embankment, Trafalgar Square / Embankment, London, England

Welcome to London's heart. You will remember this iconic square from Season 2, Episode 1 that shows the tension between Britain and Egypt in the 1956 Suez Crisis. The political protests were in Trafalgar Square against Prime Minister Anthony Eden due to his highly controversial response to the Suez crisis. Square also holds a series of events in the past. You can also listen to the stories of kings such as Charles I, Charles IV, and Admiral Horatio Nelson, General Sir Charles James Napier and Major General Sir Henry Havelock who shaped the history of this nation. Trafalgar Square is a very touristic public square with some of London's most popular attractions, from galleries and historic buildings to monuments and statues, you can immerse yourself into the deep-seated British history.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Admiralty Arch The Mall Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, London SW1A 2WH England

London's lovely landmark Admiralty Arch is one of the masterpieces in the city very close to Trafalgar Square. This lovely arch was the commemoration of King Edward VII to his beloved mother Queen Victoria, the great grandmother of Elizabeth. You will be familiar with London's iconic masterpiece in different episodes of the Crown that you will never miss. Admiralty Arch used to be a government listed building and Waldorf Astoria Group leased the building for 125 years for their tourists. From 2022, we will be able to provide your accommodation right in the heart of the city. Admiralty Arch is simply the jewel of "The Crown" in London dated back to 1912.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: Duke Of York Column, Waterloo Place, London England

At first sight, this lovely column appears to have no direct connection to the Crown, however, there is an indirect and very organic bond with Lancaster House where all scenes related to Buckingham Palace were shot. The construction of Lancaster House was started in 1825 for the Duke of York and Albany, Prince Frederick who was the second son of George III, as well as one of the uncles of Queen Victoria. Confused? Just listen to our professional guide that will tell you the whole deep-seated relations of the Royal family in a way that you will understand. Meanwhile, just look behind you and spot the odd thing in Admiralty Arch. Don't worry, your professional guide will reveal it for you but give a try first!

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Memorial, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AG England

Our famous red carpet inspired red tarmac boulevard takes you directly to the home of the British Royal family that's Buckingham Palace. Our journey won't be that easy as we do have some important spots we will stop by en route. Our first stop is the memorial of Duke of York and Queen Mother as you will closely remember from Season 1, Episode 8. Queen Mother revealed her consort's statue in tears. Here we will share some key information about the genealogy of our Queen Elizabeth II so that you are familiar with the Royal family members in this lovely TV series and the London landmarks associated with them. A true historical info feast from our professional guides to the guests on this tour.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: St. James's Palace, Marlborough Rd, St. James's, London SW1A 1BS England

As we are heading to Buckingham Palace it would be a good idea to stop by St James's palace for 15 minutes. Maybe it's not directly related to the Crown but this palace is one of the most important palaces in the city dedicated to Henry VIII's second wife Anne Boleyn, the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Anne Boleyn was executed by beheading within the confines of the Tower of London. She'd been queen for just three years. Marvel at the new wonder material of the façade of the building in Tudor's era. Literally, Buckingham Palace is the successor of this lovely Tudor palace.

Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: Clarence House, St. James's Palace, London SW1A 2WH England

Clarence House is brought to the attention of the viewers in different episodes but the main one is in Season 1 Episode 8 while Duke of Edinburgh is responsible by remodelling Clarence House for their future use whilst newly crowned Queen Elizabeth was trying to adapt to her new role as Queen after her father George VI. About the history of Clarence House, our professional guide will share this information right away. Clarence House was built by George IV's favourite architect John Nash in 1827. The Palace was the home of The Queen Mother from 1953 to 2002. Since then, it has been the official residence of the Prince of Wales, Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. We will be able to see some additional scenes in Season 4 and Clarence House will surely be in sight. Just refreshing our minds, Camilla was mainly on the screen in Season 3, Episode 9. We should remind you Clarence House is open to visitors only during August.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Lancaster House, Hammersmith, London W6 0BT, UK

Without doubt, Buckingham Palace is the most memorable landmark in the Crown TV series, however, all scenes related to this magnificent Royal residence were actually filmed in Lancaster House which is one of the most important architectural palaces in London that can be compared with Buckingham Palace. Now you can close your eyes in a minute and think those moments but one episode that touches all hearts is the "Bubbikins" Season 3, Episode 4 mainly related to Buckingham Palace where the Duke of Edinburgh's caring mother Princess Alice of Greece is invited to Buckingham Palace. An unforgettable quote from Episode 4 is Queen Elizabeth's lovely words: I'm 'Darling' or 'Cabbage'. 'Sweetie' is someone else. You may also imagine the stairs where Apollo 11's astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were dashing up and down the stairs in Season 3, Episode 7 that's Moondust. Well, we have a goof here in this Episode. Wonder what? Just follow us, please.

Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: Buckingham Palace, Spur Road, London SW1A 1AA England

Well, here is the Crown's and U.K.'s star landmark, Buckingham Palace but according to the Crown, we can't say the same thing for the Royal couple, can we? Buckingham Palace is heavily mentioned in Season 1, Episode 8; Season 3, Episode 4 and in other seasons and episodes naturally. The episode "Dear Ms Kennedy" in Season 2, Episode 8 was also remarkable for Kennedys' visit to Buckingham Palace. As for the history of this lovely 775 room palace, it is still the official residence of Britain's monarchy, as it has been since Queen Victoria's designation in 1837. Much of the Palace was constructed as early as 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. Buckingham House (as it was then known) was purchased in 1762 by George III, who used it as a private residence. Over the following 75 years, the house was expanded to form three wings around a central courtyard. When Queen Victoria discovered Buckingham Palace lacked several 'necessary' rooms - such as a formal ballroom, a nursery, visitor's bedrooms and others - major additions were undertaken, including adding an entire wing to form a quadrangle. Buckingham Palace is the home of the Changing Guard Ceremony in London. The Changing of the Guard has been a tradition for hundreds of years whereby the Household Regiment, the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace, change shift in a fascinating show of pomp and circumstance.

Duration: 30 minutes

Pass By: St. James's Park, Horse Guards Road The Storeyard, London SW1A 2BJ England

After Buckingham Palace, we will head to Horse Guards and it’s always a good idea to pass through one of London's loveliest Royal parks, that's St James's Park which is surrounded by world-famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Whitehall right in the heart of the city. Old St James's Park can be seen in some episodes of The Crown where monarchs take a walk close to Buckingham Palace. In fact, it is arguably the city's best park in every season. St James’s Park is one of London’s eight Royal Parks and covers an area of nearly 57 acres. Summer, fall, winter and spring, St James's Park gives you great joy with the outstanding beauty of its landscape with animals, nature and the vegetation you can admire. The park’s famous flower beds at the front of Buckingham Palace are a familiar backdrop to pageants including Trooping the Colour, as well as state visits and other ceremonial occasions. Can you believe this? Pelicans have lived in St James’s Park for nearly 400 years. They were originally presented as a gift from the Russian Ambassador to King Charles II. If we go back to the 1500s, Tudor times we should mention our big King Henry VIII who was also known for his love of hunting; he regularly used Regent's Park as a hunting ground. St James's Park wasn't quite big enough for his needs, so he put it to use as an area for breeding young deer — once they were old enough, they were shipped off to Hyde Park and Regent's Park to face their fate.

Pass By: Horse Guards Building, Horse Guards Whitehall, London SW1A 2AX England

Nothing much related to the Crown but everything related to British Monarchy in Horse Guards Building. Tourope UK's professional guides will show you the official entrance to St James's Park and Buckingham Palace, since the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660. Lifeguards have stood guard at Horse Guards and ready to offer you a true British ceremony. Although Changing The Queen's Lifeguard is not as well-known as Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace smaller crowds and no railings between you and the men and horses taking part make it ideal for those with younger children and those looking for some amazing pictures. The ceremony lasts about half an hour, and the mounted sentries change every hour, or half-hour in very cold weather during the day until 16:00 when a dismounting ceremony takes place. The Queen's Lifeguard is normally provided by men of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment which consists of a Squadron of The Life Guards, who wear red tunics and white plumed helmets, and a Squadron of The Blues and Royals with blue tunics and red plumed helmets. Our qualified professional guides will tell you amazing stories about this ceremony. A simply not to be missed attraction in the heart of the city. Our next stop is the British Prime Minister's Downing Street No 10.

Stop At: 10 Downing St, London SW1A 2AB, UK

Another indisputable real fact for the Crown TV series is the importance of Downing Street No 10 after Buckingham Palace. Almost all Churchill on duty scenes were related to Downing Street No 10. Remarkable scenes that you probably remember is in Season 1, Episode 4 named "Act of God" the pressure on Downing Street due to dense fog crisis in 1952, passing of Winston Churchill in Season 3, Episode 1 when Harold Wilson will become the new prime minister. One memorable scene related to Downing Street No 10 was how Venetia, Churchill's new secretary got soaked by Churchill's bathwater as she was trying to read the official notes to him through a bathroom door in Season 1, Episode 2. Now that we know Downing Street has a bathtub, it's good to know the history of the building. Being one of the most important political buildings in the world United Kingdom's “White House” Number 10 continuously hosts the British prime ministers since 1735. The main decisions affecting Britain's destiny in the last 275 years have been taken seriously behind its iconic black door. Today it’s not possible to enter the street as a tourist but knowing the idea that an actual prime minister lives and works in the street is heartening. Have this experience with us. Observant Crown viewers will remember that the Queen honoured Downing Street Number 10 twice. First one was on the eve of Churchill's resignation in April 1955 with Churchill family and the second one PM Harold Wilson's farewell dinner in 1976, 21 years later.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: Churchill War Rooms, King Charles Street, Clive Steps Westminster, London SW1A 2AQ England

Apparently, the timeline of The Crown starts right after the post-WWII period, however, this doesn't mean that Cabinet War Rooms can be skipped. No. This place played a great role in the destiny of a nation in combination with the political skills and abilities of wise Winston Churchill during WWII era. This enlightened teacher would be a leading light for the young Queen as this was perfectly depicted in the series. In fact, Churchill's model role can indisputably be seen and assumed while watching this Netflix show. The Churchill War Rooms is a historic underground complex and museum that housed a British government command centre throughout the Second World War, and the Churchill Museum, a biographical museum exploring the life of British statesman Winston Churchill. Here you will have the chance to discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War. Construction of the Cabinet War Rooms became fully functional on 27 August 1939, just a week before Britain declared war on Germany. The War Rooms remained in operation throughout the Second World War, before being abandoned in August 1945 after the surrender of Japan. After the war, the historic value of the Cabinet War Rooms was recognised. Don't miss the opportunity of visiting this WWII shrine once very limited numbers of the public were able to visit by appointment. Get up close to artefacts revealing Churchill’s personal and political journey by Tourope UK's APTG qualified blue badge tourist guides. Churchill Museum simply uncovers the influences and pressures that shaped his life, leadership and legacy.

Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Westminster Abbey, 20 Dean's Yard Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3PA England

Our coronation church Westminster Abbey is not only the most important key landmark in the Crown series but also in British history. The most notable scene related to Westminster Abbey is in Season 1 Episode 1, while Churchill’s walking through the nave for the wedding ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II and the consort the Duke of Edinburgh and of course, the immaculate Queen Elizabeth's coronation scenes in Season 1, Episode 5 were all remarkable. Now that you will be in front of this holy shrine, you need to have some historical information about Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is a burial ground, coronation site and much more, and continues to attract visitors over 900 years after its founding. In many respects the architecture is common. There's the traditional cross-shaped floor plan with a nave, north and south transepts and several round side areas. But both its execution and use raise The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster (the official name) to among the highest examples of church construction. Here at Westminster Abbey lie buried kings and poets, scientists and philosophers who have themselves raised humankind to the highest levels. Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell (discoverer of electromagnetic theory, which later led to radio and TV), Chaucer and Kipling, Dr Samuel Johnson (creator of the first English dictionary) and many other justly famous names are interred here. Princess Diana's funeral was held in Westminster Abbey in 1997 and the wedding of Kate & Will took place in 2011. Tourope UK's professional guides will share all-important knowledge with you today.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square, London SW1A 0AA England

The Houses of Parliament is the political heart of the U.K. in London and the Crown viewers will immediately recall the scene of his speech in the celebration of Churchill’s 80th birthday in House of Parliament, that's Season 1, Episode 9. The most remarkable moment in this episode was his discontented look when he sees his badly painted portrait. It's not that brutal look, of course, this masterpiece's history starts from Westminster Hall. The painting was presented to Churchill by both Houses of Parliament at a public ceremony in Westminster Hall on 30 November 1954. The Houses of Parliament, known also as the Palace of Westminster is where the two Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom (the House of Lords and the House of Commons) conduct their sittings and lie on the north bank of the River Thames in the London borough of the City of Westminster, close by other government buildings in Whitehall. The oldest part of the Houses of Parliament is still in existence, Westminster Hall, which dates from 1097. The palace originally served as a royal residence, but no monarch has lived in it since the 16th century. Most of the present Houses of Parliament structure dates from the 19th century when the Palace was rebuilt after it was almost entirely destroyed by a fire in 1834. The architect responsible for rebuilding the Palace was Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin, and the building is an example of the Gothic revival. The Houses of Parliament are the setting for the tumultuous past of the British Empire. Listen to Tourope UK's professional guides to hear heartening stories of the Houses of Parliament.

Duration: 20 minutes

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