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About Gandys

Our Gandys coupons can help you save on picking up some stylish footwear while helping others. Inspired by their childhood travels in India and the tragic loss of their parents, as well as a passing phrase at a music festival, brothers Rob and Paul set up the flip flop company as a way of funding their "Orphans For Orphans" mission. Setting out with the aim of creating a sustainable social enterprise, the brothers, through Gandys, have been able to help children in need of essentials like food, shelter and education in India and Sri Lanka, with plans to expand the operation. So if you want to help support the cause, keep an eye out for Gandy's coupon codes from Groupon.

Rob, Paul and their two siblings were taken out of school in 2001 by their parents to travel to the Indian subcontinent, helping others. Packing their bags and selling the rest of their possessions, they set off. They got involved with various projects, from handing out medicine to organising sports, while soaking up India's vibrant atmosphere. Moving on after a year, the family found themselves having to cope with the loss of their parents in Sri Lanka's Boxing Day Tsunami. Using their new skills, the children went 200km to the airport, and back to London, despite their lack of money and passports. Helped by friends and family, they finished education, got jobs and saved to travel more. A chance utterance by Rob at a festival gave them a way to honour their parents' spirit while helping fellow orphans. Our Gandys promo codes can help you to become part of that process.

Men's, women's and youth flip flops are available, with a percentage of the profits going to the Orphans For Orphans mission. The blog keeps visitors updated on their work, while the site's flipbook shows off the latest looks, with a gallery showcasing the well-known feet their footwear has graced.

So whether you are on the hunt for some fetching footwear, or simply want to help contribute to helping orphans get the support they need, remember to take a look at our Gandy's coupons.

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