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Turn your garden into a haven for local wildlife by stocking it with a sumptuous buffet of tasty and nutritious treats that will provide sustenance for a whole host of loveable critters.

In addition to supporting the needs of some of Britain’s most lovable wild animals you will be treated to a revolving cast of characters that will fill your garden with life.

Garden Wildlife Direct is committed to helping people just like you experience the joy of feeding local wildlife by keeping prices low on their quality feeds, and with these great Groupon offers you can get even more bang, or should that be sunflower seed, for your buck!

What sort of wildlife does Garden Wildlife Direct cater for?

Garden Wildlife Direct offers a huge array of foods for wild birds but they are not the only animals that you can attract into your garden by shopping at Garden Wildlife Direct. You will also find a range of foods specially designed for everyone’s favourite prickly erinaceomorpha: the humble European hedgehog that can often be found snuffling though your garden at night.

If you have a pond on your property or live near to one you may be interested in floating duck and swan feed that is ideal for both wild and domesticated waterfowl. Garden Wildlife direct also offers squirrel food, don’t worry, if you are not a fan of these nimble little furry rodents you can browse a whole range of squirrel proof bird feeders too.

What sort of food for wild birds can I get?

Wild birds enjoy a huge variety of nibbles and if you want to attract different varieties of bird to your garden there is no shortage of option to try and out and see what your feathered friends prefer best:

Seed mix
Multi seed mixes are a great option for all types of birds and have the benefit of being able to be used in seed feeders, on bird tables or even just scattered on the ground. If you are worried about seeds sprouting in your garden then we suggest you try one of the many ‘no grow’ varieties that will ensure you don’t get any unexpected additions to your flower beds. Birds have different needs at different times of the year so high energy and winter and summer mixes are always available.

Straights foods

If you know what your resident wildlife like or want to try your hand at making your own mixes, then you will want to take a look over the straight food offerings. These food items are high energy, suitable for any time of year and include:
• Peanuts
• Meal worms
• Sunflower hearts and seeds
• Millet Seed
• Wild bird raisins
• Niger seed
• Feed bundles of different items are also available


Suet feed items are jam packed with energy for birds and while they are suitable for use year round they are especially beneficial to birds during the colder winter months when food is scarcer.

Suet balls, rolls and blocks will not spill in the same way the mix or seeds can so if you want to keep your garden as tidy as possible then they are a good option to consider. Suet pellets are also available and make a great high energy addition to feed mixes but can be offered on tables , in special feeder or even on the ground.

Alternatively, Garden Direct Wildlife also offers a number of options where the suet comes repacked in containers like coconut shells, tube or even decorative mason jars.

Is it just food that Garden Wildlife Direct offers?

No, you will also find a huge range of feeders and bird nesting boxes here, plus options that will keep unwanted pests out of your garden. You will also find decorative touches at Garden Wildlife Direct that are sure to brighten up your garden. Consider adding a beautiful bird bath or a whimsical statue of your favourite animal for an extra special touch.

What kind of offers does Groupon have for Garden Wildlife Direct?

Here at the Groupon offices the amount of time we dedicate to getting new deals for you would impress a twitcher waiting for a collared flycatcher to show up! Recent popular deals have included the opportunity to get free shipping when you spend over a certain amount as well as access to daily deals and cut prices on selected items. Check back regularly to see when new deals get added.

How do I redeem my Garden Wildlife Direct offer?

Using our Groupon codes is much easier than spotting the difference between a Dartford warbler and a Dipper, all you need to do is click on the offer that catches your eye and wait for the pop up window of savings to appear. If you need to enter a discount code to redeem an offer you will find it in this window, otherwise you will get a reminder of what the deal can do for you and then an invitingly large green button that says “Shop now” to whisk you away to all that Garden Wildlife Direct has to offer.

Are these vouchers always available?

Deals this good can be fleeting so we recommend that if you really like the look of a particular deal, you use it sooner rather than later. The good news is that we are always adding more offers so if you miss out on a deal, chances are there will be new one along soon that will give you an even better money saving opportunity.

You may also have noticed that we sometimes keep a list of expired deals at the bottom of the page, this is because popular deals can be extended past their expiry dates meaning they can be worth a try!

Can I get more deals like this on Groupon?

Once you start attracting a menagerie of wild animals to your garden you are going to need to keep them well fed!  You can find more great deals on similar items from ZooPlus, Monster Pet Supplies and Waitrose Pet that will make your bird feeder the happening hotspot for all the neighbourhood’s feathered friends!

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