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About Go Compare

Spend any time online and it’s easy to get confused by the number of the offers and products that are being sold on so many sites when we have to compare their prices, features and terms of service. It can be a nightmare trying to jump between 5 different tabs lying open on your browser when all you want to do is find the best deal, especially when we are thinking of a very subtle issue like insurance. GoCompare.com is an excellent choice for those who need a little guidance and a piece of a professional advice when shopping for personal services. In conjunction with our team in Groupon, we are doing our best to provide you with the best priced insurance, saving, borrowing, energy bill and broadband products and services available in the Internet that would cover all your needs.

What is GoCompare?
GoCompare.com is a comparison site that for over a decade has been saving customers’ time and money on everything from car insurance to energy suppliers to credit cards. Not only does GoCompare focus on the prices of the product, but also on its key features to give the whole picture of what it is the customer actually buying and not leave you picking a service with any nasty hidden features. GoComprare.com is deeply committed to transparency of information and a customer focus that promotes better-informed choices for everyone who uses the website. It is thanks to having stayed true to the customers, Gocompare.com has been able to grow from just six people sat around a kitchen table to thriving offices that are home to one of the UK's leading comparison websites for insurance, home and energy, travel and financial products. Take the advantage of a professional knowledge of the experts when looking for a personal service that suits you. And here at Groupon, you can get a discount for that!

What can I find on GoCompare?
GoCompare.com has a clear goal: it is to find the right product at the right price for each user. To achieve it, the company cooperates with a wide range of trusted insurance providers and financial services organisations to deliver their customers as much choice as possible. Each type of insurance and product not only has the price listed, but also all the features that are included in that product or service. If you are looking for the right insurance and a bunch of other services for you and your family (especially when it comes to things like family car insurance), check out the bargains and discounts we have gathered at Groupon to use over on GoCompare.

What GoCompare discount codes does Groupon have?
Here at Groupon our deals are updated daily meaning that the promotions and coupons that are available change frequently. We do our best to get the best deals at the brands we are working with to provide Groupon users the best price and the highest quality of service. So, we will always have great promotional offers to help you save and get a great deal when it comes to purchasing the right insurance for you, your family and your belongings or when you need to find a good saving account. Remember that before accessing GoCompare.com, firstly check out the deals we have in Groupon to shop at their pages. Keep an eye on the Groupon page to make sure that you do not miss out on any great offers. Thanks to our regularly updated coupons and codes you can easily save money off on your GoCompare purchases and smartly shop.

How do I use my preferred GoCompare discount code?
At Groupon, our goal is to make shopping online as simple as it is possible, and for that reason using one of our discount codes could not be a more straightforward process. The first thing to do is of course picking a coupon you like, and once you have done that, click on the green Get discount code on the right hand side of the coupon. Click on this and then click on the new “Shop Now” button that takes you straight to the GoCompare site where you will be able to see discounted deals on insurance types, loans and other products. It really is as easy as that. Get down to checking out Groupon’s deals and clicking in order to find some of the best insurance offers around.

How long do the vouchers stay on site?
At Groupon we update and change our deals and promotions on a daily basis, what means that all of our offers, including those for GoCompare, change regularly. There are some offers that are more time sensitive than others and might only be active for a few days such as for a special seasonal promotion like Mother’s Day or Black Friday, whereas others have longer expiration dates and the coupons stay at the page for weeks or even months. It all depends on the deal.
Sometimes, however, there are expired deals which may be extended due to popularity and these may still be in use. You can see these expired offers at the bottom of the coupon list on this page. Feel free to have a click on those expired ones to check if they are still accepted on the site, especially if it is the perfect deal for you. If you do find a promotion that suits you the best and is still active in this expired section, then do not hesitate to use it before it disappears completely! Usually though we recommend that if you see an active coupon that is just perfect for you needs, that you take advantage of it immediately and use it.

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