Protein World Discount Codes & Vouchers - 2018

  1. 40%
    Promo Code
    40% Off Orders At Protein World

    No need to pay full price today at Protein World, use this code for a 40% discount! Cannot be used with any other offer including cashback - if purchases are deemed to be for the purpose of re-selling all orders will be cancelled.

    Expires 30/04/2019 BST
  2. Sale
    Discount Verified!
    Protein World Weight Loss Free Delivery When You Spend Over £50

    The Slender Blend is an easy to use, premium meal replacement shake for men and women that gives you fast results. Did we mention it tastes amazing?

  3. Sale
    Get 28% Off Slender Pancakes Collection!

    SAVE BIG WITH THIS INCREDIBLE SLENDER PANCAKE COLLECTION Start Slender, Stay Slender with these incredible high protein, low sugar Slender Pancakes & zero calorie Slender Maple Syrup. A healthy, tasty breakfast has never been easier with this incredible pancake making kit. Click here and take advantage of this exclusive offer!

  4. Sale
    Get 30% Off Premium Weight Loss Package - The Slender Collection!

    Click here and take advantage of this special offer! Subscribe & save extra 20%! Hurry - this is a time limited offer!

  5. Sale
    Get 30% Off The New Bums&Tums Collection

    Wake & Shake with Protein World's IBCAA+, a drink perfect before fasted cardio. Fasted cardio helps you burn stubborn body fat and the IBCAA+ is formulated to prevent muscle breakdown during it. Click here and get 30% Off this fantastic product NOW!

  6. Sale
    Get 30% Off The Superman Collection

    Body defining aesthetic bundle The Superman Collection is essential for anyone looking to gain lean muscle and feel great all year round! The Collection contains a revolutionary unique blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts from around the world. Containing: The Super Man Blend 1.2kg Super Man Pump 400g Super Man Muscle 90caps Shaker! Click here and save 30% NOW with this Groupon Voucher!

  7. Sale
    Get 25% Off Vegan Vitality Collection

    The plant based, all natural health package! This all natural, plant based, nutrient packed collection is the first of it’s kind on the market. It contains a high quality vegan friendly protein shake, with added vitamins and minerals. It is antioxidant packed with the addition of energy producing Green Tea and Guarana extract. Get this fantastic product for a a unique price, NOW with this Groupon Voucher!

  8. 35%
    Discount Verified!
    Protein World 35% Off Slender Plans - Get Now!

    Your complete 4 week weight loss plan.

  9. Promo Code
    Discount Verified!


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    Shop Muscle Products

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    Shop Weight Loss Products

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    Shop Protein Products

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    Shop Slender Plans

Expired Discount Codes

Recently expired discount codes sometimes still work, so feel free to give these a try.

  1. 45%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    45% Off Orders At Protein World

    Now this is a deal not to miss out on, get 45% off your order at Protein World.

    This discount code expired on 20/04/2019 BST.
  2. 20%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    20% Off Orders At Protein World

    Make use of this fantastic voucher code, and save 20% on your order at Protein World. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    This discount code expired on 31/03/2019 BST.
  3. 45%
    Promo Code
    45% Off Orders At Protein World

    Don't miss out on getting 45% off when stocking up at Protein World!

    This discount code expired on 18/03/2019 BST.
  4. Promo Code

    Affiliate offer to run a 40% off code across all Protein World products

    This discount code expired on 05/03/2019 BST.
  5. 40%
    Promo Code
    40% Off Sitewide

    This discount code expired on 05/03/2019 BST.
  6. 40%
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    40% Off First Orders At Protein World

    Hit your goals with Protein World this Winter and take 40% off your order!

    This discount code expired on 14/02/2019 BST.
  7. 40%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    40% Off Orders At Protein World

    Get yourself a fantastic offer of 40% off at Protein World with our exclusive code! See website for full terms and conditions.

    This discount code expired on 03/02/2019 BST.
  8. 35%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    35% Off Orders At Protein World

    Savings don't get better than this, discover 35% off your order at Protein World.

    This discount code expired on 20/01/2019 BST.
  9. 30%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    30% Off Orders At Protein World

    Grab this great exclusive for 30% off!

    This discount code expired on 06/01/2019 BST.
  10. 35%
    Promo Code
    Groupon Exclusive
    35% Off Orders At Protein World

    Get a head start on the new you, with 35% off orders at Protein World.

    This discount code expired on 31/12/2018 BST.
Protein is important. It’s something that every cell in our body needs to function correctly and is essential to metabolic interactions. Protein World offers high quality supplements for weight loss, keeping toned and bulking muscle. Choose from meal replacement shakes, high protein, low sugar and fat cake mixes and snacks and a range of supplements to help provide your body with additional nutrition including Omega 3, CLA, natural seeds and berry mixes. Add a Groupon voucher code and you’ll be getting the best prices on everything you need for helping your body with weight loss, muscle toning or muscle building.

What discount codes do Groupon have with Protein World?

We’ve got a host of discount codes and offers with Protein World. Here are just some of the types of offers we’ve had recently:
• Get 30% off your order at Protein World
• Get 25% off Vegan Vitality Collection
• Get 30% off the superman collection
• Save up to 30% off site-wide
• Get 30% off the new Bums & Tums collection
• Get 30% off Premium eight Loss Package – The Slender Collection
• Get 28% off slender pancakes collection
• £75.99 – 4-week plan – Protein World UK
• Buy the 30-day Slender Blend Deals
• Take up to 30% off sitewide

What will I find at Protein World?

Slender Plan
The Slender Plan has been designed to add structure to your weekly routine with products that taste amazing and are easy to eat. The plan is designed to suit different lifestyles, providing everything for healthy habits and all from only £3.20 per day. Perfect for starting out on working towards a healthier body.

Slender Blend

The Slender Blend is an easy to use premium meal replacement shake for men and women that gives fast results. Did we mention it also tastes amazing? The shake is suitable for meal replacement, post-workout and for a low-calorie snack.


• Less than 150 calories
• Speeds up metabolism
• 24g Whey protein
• 25 vitamins and minerals
• No added sugar
• Suitable for Vegetarians
• Non-GMO
• Gluten Free

Weight Loss

Protein World’s large range of weight loss products offers proteins, capsules, boosters and amino acids to help you to lose weight. There are multiple options including breakfast, pre and post workout and before bed options.


• Weight loss
• Muscle
• Tone
• Well being
• Beauty
• Strength
• Energy

Dietary requirements catered for:

• Vegetarian
• Vegan
• Gluten Free
• Soy Free
• Lactose Free
• Diabetic Suited
• Kosher
• Halal


The tone collection is a range of supplements designed specifically to help you tone your body when you’re working out. Products include:
• Lean muscle – a blend of Vitamins and minerals to help regulate testosterone, and help reduce tiredness and fatigue
• BCAA – Containing three key amino acids that help your body convert protein into muscle.
• ZMA – Contains Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium to regulate testosterone, maintain healthy functioning of the nervous system and to help encourage protein synthesis.
• Collagen – High in quality marine collagen, these tablets help to hydrate and repair your skin
• Toner capsules – These contain creatine, biotin, Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin B12 to enhance performance when you’re working out
• IBCCA – These tablets are designed to help convert protein into muscle using three amino acids. The tablets also contain L-Carnitine that helps to promote fat burning and L-Tyrosine, Taurine and Bitartrate that increase mental performance, blood flow and reduce fatigue


Protein World has an entire range dedicated to helping you build muscle when you’re working out. The product range includes:

• Whey protein concentrate – High in whey protein from grass-fed cows, this shake can help growth and maintenance of muscle mass
• Pea protein – The ultimate vegan protein source, this uses pure protein from peas for people who live a vegan lifestyle
• Super Man porridge – Start your day off the right way with gluten porridge packed with fibre and high in protein. The addition of creatine, and vitamins B6 and B12 help to get you fired up for the day.
• Super Man Pump – This pre-workout drink is specifically designed for your everyday training needs. Containing 200mg of caffeine, creatine, BCAAS and Beta Alanine, this drink will get you up and ready to go for the day. Please note this drink has a high caffeine content.


The deals section is where you’ll find reduced products and special offers on bundle deals. Check here for the best prices and value for money.

How do I use a voucher code for Protein World?

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to make use of our voucher codes. Follow these steps and you’ll be saving money in seconds:
• Choose your voucher code
• Click on the ‘Get discount code’ or ‘See sale’ button, depending on the type of deal it is.
• A pop-up will appear. When it does, hit the ’Shop now’ button. This will take you straight to Protein World’s website.
• Start shopping – your discount will be applied automatically.

How do I know when a voucher will expire?

When you’re perusing our voucher codes you might have noticed that there is an expiry date in the bottom left hand corner of the deals. These dates are for when a voucher code is due to expire. If a voucher code doesn’t have an expiry date shown on it then even we don’t know when it will end. This is because we receive new voucher codes on what can be up to a daily basis. When we receive new voucher codes they replace older codes, meaning you always have the most up to date offers. With this in mind, if you don’t see a voucher code that is right for your then check back again because there may be one that’s right for you added soon. It also means that if you see a voucher you like the look of then it’s best to use it right away because it might not be there the next time you return.

Do Groupon have similar deals and discount codes with other companies?

If you’re looking for food supplements, it’s not just Protein World that we have discount codes and offers for. We also have offers at other suppliers including Discount Supplements, Affordable Supplements, Simply Supplements and Monster Supplements.

How Discount Codes Work