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Get £10 Bonus When You Refer A Friend!*

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£500 Trade Risk Free Deal At Football Index!

About Football Index

Welcome to Football INDEX … where thousands of fans have now become successful
Football Traders by investing their knowledge and passion into this exciting new market–
most have seen impressive returns - now it’s your turn!

The Basics are simple …. The platform is made up of 3 lists

The “Top 200” is the tradeable market in the world’s top 200 Players you can buy up to 100
shares in any Player in one transaction at the BUY price …. And you can sell up to 100 shares
at the sell price… you can always see the spread and have the confidence that you can sell
instantly at that price.

Any shares you purchase in the TOP 200 are eligible for both Media Dividends, and
Performance Dividends. Dividends are daily rewards you earn for holding shares in winning
players when they are top of our Live Rankings at midnight.

The Live Rankings lists show how well a player is performing versus all other players in the
index on any given day in both the Media and Performance categories.

The Players with the most positive media mentions each day pulled from 25 UK Football
News publishers win our Media Dividend, and the top scoring players in each position on
our Opta powered Performance ranking also earn dividends daily. There is a different daily
payout depending on the number of matches taking place that day. This is clear displayed
on the site each day. … the Player with the top score in each category at midnight each day
is the Winner... earning dividends for each future held – some Players like Pogba, Rooney
and Zlatan have shown big returns over time.

You can see all the Shares you hold in your Portfolio … check your position … and decide
when you want to sell.

Like any market Price is driven by supply and demand … the more people buy a footballer
the higher his price goes, the more they sell .. the lower the price.

The final list is Squad Players … this is a list great players who do not rank in the TOP 200. …
You can buy and sell shares in these players, and they can win Opta powered Performance
Dividends, but they will not be eligible for Media Dividends until they break into the TOP
200 list.

So … shares in footballers are a long bet on the future performance of a Player that pays out
a dividend to the winning player every day. It’s a bet that you can cash out early at any time
at a given price

This gives Traders two ways to profit … by earning dividends on their Players, which we call
the Yield, and by Buying low and selling high … the capital appreciation.
Watch our other videos to learn more … Happy Trading and remember; All your gains are
Tax Free!

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