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Lizard lovers, monkey maniacs and passionate penguin fans can all visit their favourite species of wildlife for less with London Zoo discount codes. The capital's famous institution is the oldest scientific zoo in the world, having been run by the Zoological Society of London charity since its foundation, and is home to 806 species of animal. Families, couples and friends looking for a fun day out can find their own adventure with London Zoo vouchers.

Situated on the edge of Regent's Park, London Zoo was opened in 1828, under the reign of George IV. Originally intended for scientific research, the zoo was also opened to the public in 1847, giving Victorians a fascinating glimpse into the exotic worlds of far-flung continents. Along with being the world's first scientific zoo, London Zoo also opened the world's first reptile house in 1849, first public aquarium in 1853, first insect house in 1881, and first children's zoo in 1938. London Zoo regularly takes on fundraising initiatives and is an active participant in helping to save endangered species and champion environmental and conservationist causes; this includes a campaign to raise funds to help save the Sumatran tiger.

So what can visitors see with their London Zoo promo codes? The zoo plays host to a number of gorillas, young and old, along with monkeys such as lemurs. Big cat fans can see lions and tigers, animals who would be at the top of the food chain in their natural environment. Penguins, fish and tortoises can all be found at the zoo, along with the intimidating komodo dragons, who can grow up to two and a half metres in length. The zoo also has a wide variety of insects, from creepy tarantulas to industrious leafcutter ants, ensuring there is something for everyone when visiting with London Zoo vouchers.

Want to save money on a big day out? Days out don't come much bigger than an exciting adventure to London Zoo, so be sure to make the most of London Zoo discount codes to make the trip as cost effective as possible.

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