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Smoby Aquaplay Startset
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Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light
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Teamson Outdoor Windmill
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Smoby Nature Playhouse
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Yakoe Eight-Seat Dining Set
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Pizza Oven & Chimeneas Collection
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Vivo Wooden Garden Planter
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Metal Log Storage Unit
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Smoby Medium Garden Slide
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Decorative Door Stopper
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Three-Burner Gas Barbecue
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15 Winston Churchill Daffodils
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Starplast Garden Storage Box
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Wooden Bike Store
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How to beautify your patio and garden in 3 simple steps

It doesn't take much to create an oasis in your own back garden. With the right ideas and the proper supplies, your home's patio and garden can be transformed into an outdoor living room. Whether you're looking to decorate a deck with comfortable outdoor furniture or turn your patio into a flower paradise, Groupon can help you make the most of your back garden with our ever-changing selection of patio and garden furniture sets and great value plants and flowers.

Make it Look Good

The best backdrop to a deck and patio is a well-tended lawn or garden. To help you grow a verdant landscape, stock up on gardening equipment and lawncare tools—plus sheds, hose reels, and other outdoor storage options. A garden is not only plants and flowers, though—it's also the garden decor you use to give it a unique personality, such as the pots and planters, creative doormats, bird feeders or stylish ornaments. And if you want to move your patio and garden to the next level, add a stylish furniture set.

Make it Entertaining

Make your back garden the most popular spot to hang out from spring to autumn. If you have space, a pool or spa tub can be the centerpiece of summertime celebrations. Speaking of celebrations; hosting a garden party won’t be complete without professional audio equipment such as connected speakers. Cosier spots might be better suited to a fire pit and seating to chill out in the summer sun. If you're looking to cook with fire though—not just sit and admire it—Groupon stocks a variety of grills and grills and outdoor-cooking accessories. Just remember the outdoor lighting; that way the party doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down.

Make it Relaxing

While kids may see the patio and garden as places to romp—especially with outdoor toys such as swings, playhouses or sandboxes—adults see them as a place to relax. A fully outfitted patio makes a great spot to chat with the family or simply rest with a good book during warm evenings. Just imagine setting up the relaxation area with an inflatable mattress, pillows, and magical bulb string lights! Groupon's selection of patio furniture spans a range of functions and styles, from wicker tables and rattan furniture with modern waterproof upholstery to metal bistro tables and chairs. For the ultimate upgrade, consider installing a full-size hot tub or outdoor spa.

The perfect back garden is just a few clicks away. Enjoy our deals with up to 70% off and start creating the beautiful patio and garden you’ve always dreamt about!