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The Vintage Beauty Parlour by Bethany Jane Davies BY: JESS HARDIMAN | 15.6.2015

ParagraphThere’s no doubt that the glamour of decades past remains unrivalled, with the sirens from the 1930s and the pin-up era of the 1940s still showing us a thing or two about how to be stylish, feminine and sensational.And for a retro blast from the past, Chorlton has upped its charm with the recent arrival of The Vintage Beauty Parlour [http:

New Year - New Running Gear!
Whilst January detoxes are often met with a certain cynicism, there’s no denying that the new year acts as a great milestone to kick start or revamp your exercising regime. Both the festive season and the months before it can involve some pretty heavyweight eating, but this isn’t the time for fad diets or bright green kale
SOS -Save our Skin! Winter Skin Care
SOS: Save our skinThe top 3 products for bringing winter skin back to lifeThe winter months may entail the joys of Christmas, sporadic but magical snow flurries and cosy evenings curled up with a blanket, but unfortunately all of this frosty splendor comes with a major downside for your skin.Neither the cold, windy weather nor the central heating s
Christmas Gift Guide for Men - Manchester
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide: For HimSometimes it’s nice to go off piste, shunning the inevitable DVD, aftershave or pair of socks in favour of something a little more extravagant.Spa treatment at The Lowry SpaThe Lowry Spa offers luxury gift vouchers, with a variety of treatments and packages available to purchase for a loved one. The Men’s Booster
Christmas Gift Guide for Ladies - Manchester
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide: For HerWhen a bath bomb or bottle of wine doesn’t seem to quite cut it, why not try these out?Jewellery by Jade MellorJade Mellor is a Manchester-based jewellery sculptor, inspired by meteorites, asteroids, minerals and ancient treasures. Because each bespoke piece is completely unique, a product of a lengthy crafting p
Best Spa Weekend in Manchester for Hen Parties
Spa weekends for hen partiesWith venues, photographers, dresses, cakes, cars, food and so much more to organise, planning a wedding can switch from blissful matrimony to a total nightmare in a matter of seconds. And whilst some brides choose to release all the tension by painting the town red in a flurry of feather boas, phallic straws, L-plates, s
How to Customise Vintage Clothes
Not all garments can be plucked straight from yesteryear and into our daily wardrobes. Because it can be easy to be caught up in the allure of vintage without considering how you will use the piece on a daily basis, sometimes it’s a good idea to step back from the nostalgia and be prepared to reconsider, repurpose or simply add a little TLC to an item.
Designer Spotlight: Jade Mellor
Paragraph‘Unique jewellery sculpture from minerals, meteorites and a curious mind’Spurred on by a love for all that is creative and curious, Jade Mellor has become one of Manchester’s most exciting designers. Her jewellery is inspired by meteorites and asteroids, minerals and ancient treasures, and accordingly in her pieces you find a historical va
Best Cheap Beauty Products 
Top 5 Budget BeautyMaintaining an effective beauty regime can be expensive, with a cosmetic cocktail of makeup, face wipes, moisturisers, anti-aging creams and more that we’re all told we should be buying. It’s no surprise, then, that many of us are left disillusioned and cynical by an industry that can charge us upwards of £20 for any given produc
Manchester Shopping - Get Some Style Inspiration
Expressing oneself has never come easy, and one of the ways in which we try to articulate this is through what we wear. But even this has its restrictions, with many of us shying away from the bolder prints that we secretly love but don’t have the confidence to wear or afraid to get away from black, white and everything in between in favour of brig
How to Do a Pedicure at Home
Let’s face it: no one has – or will ever have – particularly handsome feet. They account for a quarter of all the bones in the human body, over our lifetime we use them to walk the equivalent of circling the earth four times, and often you’ll find women cramming them into the crevice of a tiny stiletto. What we’re left with is a nasty medley of cal
Meet the Local Fashion Bloggers
We now live in the age of the blog, with the online world shaking up everything we thought we knew about writing. Blogging can produce contentious conversation about threats to journalism, but fundamentally it gives us a chance to listen to people just like us. There’s something wonderful that can be gained from listening to the supposed nobodies w
How to Get the Best out of Charity Shops - a List of Dos and Don’ts
The current boom in vintage pieces has thrust a whole new lease of life into the purpose of charity shops. This, of course, is good news for everyone involved, but here are some dos and don’ts to truly reap the rewards as a customer.Do shop around. To get really smart, think about the area in which each charity shop sits. If you head to a more affl
Meet the Local Beauty Bloggers
The online community is one buzzing with talent, making the internet a perfect platform for the average Joe to voice their recommendations, air their grievances or instigate discussion. But few do it with as much conviction as bloggers, who take online rambling and twist it into genuine, considered thought.Whilst some allege that blogging poses a t
Laser Hair Removal Manchester - Our Guide
Lasers are the things that often get James Bond in a bit of a pickle, right? Right. But they’re also pretty nifty when it comes to hair removal. Whether it’s to sort out the bikini line before you jet off on your hols or to tackle a particularly pesky hairy upper lip, laser hair removal is fast becoming the easiest answer to smooth skin.
Ditching the High Street for Alternative Style and Local Talent
Manchester is etching a name for itself in the world of style and beauty, with fashion powerhouses like our local branch of Selfridges and high profile events such as Manchester Fashion Week and Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, which made its northern debut in the city last year.However, with all the glitz and glamour and the hustle and bustle that comes
Teeth Whitening in Manchester - Our Guide
Rumour has it that the folk across the pond have a bit of beef with our teeth. Along with the stereotypes of tea addiction, uber-politeness and floppy Hugh Grant hair, Americans (along with most of the world) can also spot us a mile away thanks to our apparent poor dental hygiene. But before any of us start huffing and puffing defensively, there’s also a harsh truth within such vast over generalising. Our gnashers just ain’t quite as white as they are in Hollywood.
Manchester Gallery of Costume - One of Manchester's Best Kept Secrets
A child’s dressing up box is one of the most important tools that they have at their disposal, creating worlds from which they can draw lessons about growing up, aspirations and, most importantly, imagination. The world of role play and costume also presents us with our first introduction to darker territories such as those of gender expectations a
Massages in Manchester - Our Guide
We’re all in need of some rest and resuscitation from time to time, and by putting your life in the calming hands of an experienced masseuse, it is possible for the weight of the world to slowly melt away. However, the world of massage is one all too often met with images of seedy districts, late nights and red lights – so where should you go if yo
Festival Fashion in Manchester
Tis the season – the festival season, that is. And with such a glorious time comes the unique and wonderful festival fashion, full of boho styles, killer hot pants and glitter galore. Here’s how to get your fix in Manchester before you head off.
Style in the Suburbs - Didsbury
It’s easy to become a little transfixed by the bright lights and hustle and bustle of Manchester’s city centre. After all, with high street chains, vintage dens and department stores saturating the M1 postcode, you’ve got choice in abundance for a day of shopping. However, if you’re after something a little more unique, it may be worth heading out
Interview with Gin and Tonic Vintage
When it comes to vintage shopping, we’ve never had it so good. Here in Manchester we’re blessed with a great scene for pre-loved, upcycled and re-vamped fashion. We caught up with the lovely girls behind Gin and Tonic Vintage (a.k.a. Tash and Clare) to pick their brain about vintage shopping in Manchester.
Unlikely Fashion Hotspots in Manchester
It’s no secret that Manchester has more than its fair share of high street hotspots, upmarket department stores and price-slashing outlet malls - but what if you’re after something a bit different? It is then that it might be worth thinking slightly outside of the box.
Manicured Manchester: Nail the Look
We live in an age where photos uploaded to social media often fall into the category of one of three things: food, ‘selfies’ and nails. The fascination with what everyone’s eating seems fairly understandable, and the front-facing camera technology on many of today’s smartphones should explain the self-portrait photo craze, but flaunting your decora
Style in the Suburbs - Chorlton
It’s easy to get side-tracked by the city centre buzz, but keep in mind that the sprawling giant of Mancunia has so much to offer outside of its M1 postcode. Simply hop on a bus and you’ll find yourself some hidden gems worth making the escape for.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Threading in Manchester
Unfortunately, the modern age in which we live is one that never forgives a stray hair or an unkempt brow. It seems we can no longer indulge in a careless two-minute pluck like we once did as teenagers, nor can we ignore the sneaky facial hair that often creeps onto the face as we grow older.
Pre-loved and Upcycled - Interiors with a Difference
It wasn’t long ago that the flat-pack attitude to interior design revolutionised our way of life, but as the novelty wears off there are some of us that want for more. If you’re not after a Trådklöver rug, a Klippan pouffe or a Skogaby armchair, you can try dipping into Manchester’s thriving vintage scene for some alternative, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Spas in the City - Urban Pampering in Manchester
Many of us fantasise about those indulgent spa weekends, being whisked off to some countryside manor that somehow exudes the perfect degree of rustic charm whilst catering for our modern needs with soft white sheets, log fires and Wi-Fi. However, sometimes it’s difficult to get away – even if Manchester does have an abundance of rural hotspots just down the road. Luckily, it is possible to get a pamper hit closer to home, as the city boasts various spa experiences right on your doorstep.
Where to get HD brows in Manchester
It’s a common belief that the eyes are the window to the soul, which means they are often the feature most gawked upon by others. It would therefore seem that the pressure is on for the old mince pies, and so that the last thing you want is for them to let you down with ungroomed brows, arguably the window frame to said soul searching.
Glam or Grunge: The Style Vernacular of Manchester After Dark
You walk into a bar feeling a squillion dollars, donning skyscraper heels and the brand new dress that was purchased purely because it shows off your pins. Then you look around and soon learn that everyone else is in jeans and fair isle sweaters, barely revealing an inch of flesh. And if you’re a bloke, it’s the smart shirt and loafer problem when others are in T-shirts and trainers. Do you turn around and leave? Or ride it out in all your spangled finery? Or, you could nip the problem in the bud before you’ve even left home by checking out our guide. Unsurprisingly, we urge you to go for the latter.
Vintage Shops: The Best of the Fairs in Manchester
Manchester is well known for its thriving vintage shopping scene, with specialist vintage shops tucked into every nook and cranny of the city and its suburbs. However, a great way to tap into the style is to actually shop around. Style is always on the move, so be sure to move with it by visiting the many temporary vintage stalls and fairs that tra
Where to Get a Cheap Haircut by Hairdressers in Manchester
Apparently there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and unfortunately there’s also no such thing as a free haircut. Style and beauty happen to be the two domains in which many of us spend a large portion of our earnings, and yet as we begrudgingly but sensibly wince ourselves through a gas bill payment, it’s difficult not to feel guilty for the lack of restraint on the seemingly superficial luxuries in life.
Manchester Ups its Game in the Style Stakes
It wasn’t long ago that the beards and lumberjack shirts of the Northern Quarter seemed like a niche, but now the aesthetic is one that has crept its way into high street stores. Of course, it would be a lie to suggest it all started here, but such trends are perhaps an indication that Manchester may well be one to look out for. Along with a thriving community of students, who provide healthy doses of both youth and stylistic passion, the city’s scene is constantly evolving.
Best of the Manchester Barbers
The sprawling world of style and beauty can often feel a little female-centric, but the blokes are just as guilty of pruning and preening. Manchester has an eclectic scene for male fashion, with high-end clothing boutiques such as Oi Polloi catering for the discerning modern-day gentleman. However, with the rise of retro and upmarket barber shops, it would seem the city also has a lot to offer in men’s grooming.
Burlesque and the City
When you think of a burlesque performer, you often envisage the perfectly coiffed hair, a smack of ruby red lipstick and curves that are so sensationally dangerous that you begin to believe looks really could kill. This unique brand of classic and exotic glamour that a burlesque performer exudes may seem completely unattainable to others when, in actual fact, there are many things you can do right here in Manchester to channel your inner theatrics.
Manchester Fashion - DIY Style
It’s fair to say that the North has always maintained a pretty sturdy reputation for catering to the frugal, with average prices for a two-bed semi or pints at the local a mere fraction of their London equivalents. But beneath the geographical stereotypes there remains a genuine pleasure in cutting costs – especially among Manchester’s creative community, who have also extended the ethos to the city’s style and fashion scene in ways that can be accessible to everyone.
Holey Moley: A Pick of Manchester’s Piercing Parlours
So you’ve finally decided where on your body you want to get a piercing, but now you have to decide where in the city to get it done - and sometimes that can be an even bigger conundrum. Wherever it is on your body (and who are we to judge?), you’re going to want to have it done somewhere that is clean, hygienic, friendly and reasonably priced. That’s not exactly asking for much, so here are some suggestions for city-centre piercing parlours that fit the bill.
Introducing Jessica Hardiman our Manchester Style Expert

How did you get into writing?

I’ve always been an avid writer, and when I was younger I used to use it as a form of escapism by writing short stories set in sunnier climes. Nowadays my words tend to stay more grounded, writing about local events for Manchester Wire, musing over food, films, booze and more on my blog and dabbling in the odd bit of copywriting. My style has evolved from whimsically fantasising about life overseas into a playful cynicism about life in the big city, with a few added swear words.

What do you love about Manchester style?

It’s got something for everyone, with vintage dens nestled among high street giants and Doc Martens stomping alongside skyscraper heels to prove that we’ve got both dressed-down street style and dolled-up glamour totally nailed. We also have markets galore, meaning that shopping here is always full of choices.

Any insider tips for getting the best out of Manchester?

Head to Home Sweet Home for the best brunch of your life, before making a dent in their brilliantly kitsch cake selection. If you’re in need of a vintage fix, Ryan Vintage on Oldham Street has row upon row of great pieces (plus a separate section of pre-loved homeware on the cheap) and the furniture warehouse on Upper Chorlton Road also offers some truly amazing bargains that often just need a bit of TLC. I love browsing the magazines, books and gifts of the Northern Quarter’s Magma and just round the corner you’ll find the city’s best coffee at North Tea Power. That said, don’t be afraid to explore beyond the city centre, there’s tonnes going on in the suburbs and surrounds.

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