Vouchers for visiting Cambridge? Yes, and after soaking up the culture and admiring the historic buildings and monuments, a moment of relax with a difference: wooden rafting in Cambridge is the new way to spend a splendid day on the river and see the city from a different perspective. Wooden rafting in Cambridge is the alternative to the famous punting activities of the past which are so traditional on the river Cam. Punts became popular as leisure craft in Edwardian times, now the modern river-traveller can glide along the magnificent stretches of the river, particularly beautiful between Queens' College and Magdalen College, using a modern version of an even older craft: welcome to the Cambridge wooden rafting experience.

Rafting fun: Vouchers for wooden rafting in Cambridge

The new leisure offers from Groupon include vouchers for wooden rafting in Cambridge. The river Cam, which lends itself so well to punting, is the perfect environment for the wooden rafting experience in Cambridge. Rafts, as punts, are flat-bottomed craft appropriate for navigating the rather shallow waters of the Fens and the river Cam. Rafting has come a long way from the days of Huckleberry Finn and a few planks tied together drifting up the Mississippi. Cambridge wooden rafting is safe, secure, comfortable and fun, and comes at a discount when you use your vouchers from Groupon. It is an experience not to missed, so get those vouchers ready and step on board.

Enjoy Nature as you Raft on The River

Long overdue for a different outdoor experience? You have done a lot of activities which have given you thrilling adrenalin pumping fun. You need to calm your nerves with a quiet but stimulating activity. Cambridge offers the best rafting options on the River cam as you see the Cambridge University constituent colleges from the backs. For a visitor to Cambridge, these are the backs of the University college buildings along which the river cam flows. Join the camaraderie with the students punting and other tourists by taking out budget rafting leisure Offers and enjoy the scenic beauty of the buildings and nature conjoined together by the river. After a hard week at the office, go out with a group of colleagues and enjoy a relaxed time over the weekend without fearing cost with the available deals in Rafting in Cambridge.

Great Family Water Fun

.Rafting is a safe way to have fun on a shallow river like the Cam. You can take the whole family out by taking advantage of Groupon vouchers for cheap rafting offers in Cambridge. Everyone from young and old will enjoy the experience and relax while being soothed by the sounds of nature. For as many times as you want to go rafting to get away from the rat race or just a difficult situation to refocus and re energise, always remember to take out the rafting offers in Cambridge. Go on and take a refreshing break rafting.

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