Fancy a fun day out with friends or family? Maybe even a team-building day from work? Why not give wooden rafting in Derby a go? You'll have great fun careering down rivers, working together and trying to stay on board! Thanks to these Groupon vouchers, you can enjoy this great day out at a massive discount. With leisure offers like these, the only thing you'll be worrying out is how to make it back to dry land! In Derby wooden rafting is great fun and these vouchers make it so much more accessible. Grab some vouchers now and have a great time wooden rafting in Derby!

Great value wooden rafting in Derby!

At Groupon we're taking it old school with these vouchers for wooden rafting in Derby. Working together with friends, family or colleagues, you can really achieve something, have a fun day out and get some exercise to boot! In Derby, wooden rafting has just become a lot more accessible thanks to our leisure offers vouchers, meaning that now you have no excuse to not get out on the water! Grab some vouchers now and you'll be amazed at the amount of fun you can have on a river, wooden rafting around Derby. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with your rafting skills - good luck!

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