If you're fed up of doing the same old stuff at the weekends, why not break the habit and try something new and exciting like kayaking. If you're curious to see what it's like, use these kayaking vouchers in Glasgow and you need not worry about it costing you loads. You'll be able to get up to 70 per cent off the standard price of kayak rental! If you're a beginner, there will be an expert instructor on hand to show you the ropes. If you are already a proficient kayaker and you go kayaking on a regular basis, these deals will enable you to save a small fortune over a long period. If you have a friend's birthday coming up, why not turn a voucher into a gift?

Amazing discounts with kayaking vouchers in Glasgow!

Save loads with these brilliant kayaking vouchers in Glasgow. Why not invite a friend to join you kayaking this weekend? You can set your own pace and relax and enjoy the local scenery if you wish, or take a more adventurous route where you could find yourself battling currents and racing through rapids. Groupon deals are always changing, so make sure you don't hesitate for too long when purchasing. There are many different leisure offers available - check out the offers on canoeing and white water rafting as well.

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