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The Quest for the Best Coffee

Do you know your espresso from your ristretto? Con panna from your affogato? The past year or so has seen an influx of independent artisan coffee shops opening in Glasgow, something that has been missing for some time. They don’t just make great cups of coffee, they do great food as well. Below are three of my favourite places to drink coffee in the city and watch the world go by.

Riverhill Coffee Bar

You may have heard about Riverhill Coffee Bar, situated in Gordon Street after it was catapulted into worldwide fame by selling “Crystal Meth Cupcakes”. From Time Magazine to our very own Evening Times, Riverhill Coffee was on everyone’s lips. Don’t fret though - the cupcakes were not laced with illegal drugs, just lots of sugary goodness. Cappuccino

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly! - London's Quirkiest Cafes

Once upon a time you’d be hard pressed to find more than a scowl and a chipped mug of Nescafé in your local greasy spoon. Nowadays you can barely move in the capital for bean worshipping baristas. In the past few years we’ve become spoilt for choice with the likes of PrufrockTap Coffee  and Nude Espresso .But as if that’s not enough, we can now score our caffeine fix in increasingly weird and wonderful surroundings. Bonkers about bikes? Massively into cats? A bit of a granny geek? There’s a coffee shop for you. Here’s my list of the top six:

1) Nana, Clapton

Leading the backlash against high street homogeneity, Nana - the cafe run by nanas for nanas - was set up via crowdfunding earlier this year. It’s opening soon on Chatsworth Road and is likely to be a huge hit for anyone seeking comfort in the form of tea, cakes, dippy eggs and soldiers; or just looking to learn a new skill or craft from the wise old ladies of Clapton.

2) Look Mum No Hands, Farringdon

At cyclists’ favourite Look Mum No Hands not only can you can get your bike fixed, but you can also take part in a cycle quiz night or even snap up a limited edition artcrank print. All this while enjoying the finest square mile coffee plus a smashing array of locally made cakes, pies, soups and stews.

3)  The Candid Cafe, Angel

Fancy trying your hand at life drawing classes? Check out The Candid Cafe  - a local artists' and writers’ secret. You can cherish your brew in the charming little garden if the weather gods are on your side.

The Candid Cafe

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