Japanese restaurants are growing hugely in popularity. At the moment, Japanese food in Newcastle is a trendier and more fashionable option than its better known neighbour, the Chinese. Drawing crowds of both young professionals and families, Japanese restaurants have become a popular choice in Newcastle for both an evening out and a quick bite to eat. The best known Japanese cuisine is certainly sushi, with entire restaurants dedicated to serving this delicacy here in Newcastle. However, delicacies and foreign cuisine aren't always wallet friendly, so if you're heading out to a Japanese restaurant it's best to go armed with one of our vouchers for Japanese food, which are specific to restaurants in Newcastle.

Japanese food will provide you with tastes like no other in Newcastle, and prices like no other with vouchers.

Having a voucher specifically for restaurants based in Newcastle means that tense moment when you hand your voucher in at the end of the meal and wait to see if it's accepted is a thing of the past. And so it should be! Vouchers are a great way of making an evening more relaxing and taking the financial weight off your mind - so you shouldn't have to worry about whether your voucher is valid in Newcastle. Using vouchers can even make a luxury something you can afford to do every day! The great thing about vouchers is that they also make great gifts. If you know any Oriental foodies in Newcastle, browse through our catalogue and choose a voucher for a Japanese restaurant to give them a fun and cultural experience at a low price - all without leaving Newcastle!

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