An aquarium is an excellent place to take the kids for an amazing day out. They’ll love watching the dolphins acrobatic shows and the funny seals clapping. Plus, there is a wide range of sea creatures they’ll be excited to see. Aquarium tickets, however, are often quite expensive. More so, if you’re living on a tight budget. At Groupon, we believe that all children should enjoy learning as much as they can, whilst amusing themselves. We have, therefore, come up with some unbelievably cheap aquarium s in Plymouth deals, so that you can take your kids on a fun-packed day out for less.

Watch all sea creatures with our deals

If you’ve never visited an aquarium, this is your chance to watch dolphins and seals up close and be amazed at the terrifying sharks swimming in their tanks behind the glass. You’ll also have some close encounters with giant squids and octopuses, witness that eels are in fact electric and fall in love with the beauty of the dangerous jellyfish. Thanks to Groupon’s Plymouth aquarium deals, the price of the tickets has been slashed by 70 percent, which means you'll be paying close to nothing for a wonderful experience. Find “Nemo” among the anemones and all the other fishes and enjoy looking at the lovely seahorses and the beautiful sea stars, whilst barely spending at all.

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