Worcester is situated in the West Midlands, just off the M5. It is famous for making porcelain china and the tangy Worcestershire sauce! It was also the birthplace of the composer Edward Elgar and was the backdrop for the many comings and goings of Oliver Cromwell! Nowadays it has a busy attractive shopping centre that accommodates high street stores as well as many independent shops. After looking around this historic city, taking time to visit Worcester cathedral and doing a spot of shopping you will probably be feeling quite peckish. I am happy to report that Worcester has all bases covered, in that is provides a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and pubs to suit all tastes and occasions.

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Visitors to Worcester can enjoy a varied choice of cuisine in award winning eating places that abound with excellent food and fine wines. Quality Italian, Indian, Thai and even Cuban cuisine can be found in Worcester city. Cuban food fuses Spanish, African and Caribbean cooking styles, resulting in an interesting and flavourful blend. Groupon coupons let you try this unique experience at less cost. Enjoy sexy Cuban food using vouchers in Worcester at a price you can afford. Put some spice in your life by trying something different. You can indulge in delicious exotic Cuban food with value vouchers in Worcester. Worcester city brings the world to you on a plate!

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