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Playing a game of tennis in York can form part of a healthy exercise regime, or just be a bit of fun with friends and a way to catch up on the gossip together. Fees for tennis in York, though, are often more than you're willing to pay. The costs can quickly pile up as a regular player too. What would you say to taking advantage of the leisure offers carefully selected by Groupon and presented on the website here? Discount vouchers can be purchased for many different York tennis courts so you can choose a venue that is close and convenient to you. Make a date today to play tennis in York and enjoy the large discounts you are entitled to with our vouchers.

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Play a game of tennis in York with friends and enjoy the magnificent discounts Groupon offers you with their unique range of vouchers. Leisure offers like this are changing all the time, but you can be sure to pick up all the discounts you need in York for a tennis venue of your choice today. Vouchers purchased here can entitle you to up to 70 per cent off game costs. These can really add up in the longer term if you are regular player. So come join us today and purchase these vouchers!

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Our vouchers offer you the chance to play tennis at a fantastic price. We have many leisure offers for you to take advantage of. Our deals cover all kinds of fun and exciting activities such as rifle shooting, sledging, quad biking and many others for you to choose from. Tennis is one of these excellent activities that we have on offer! Why not team up with your friends or challenge one another. Benefit from these fantastic offers by redeeming our hugely popular pre-paid vouchers. We hope you enjoy our superb offers on tennis.
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