The city of York is more than just a bustling entertainment hub and historical landmarks. It is also a paradise for outdoor adventures. A city located at the junction of two rivers, Ouse and Foss, has so much to offer in terms of water sports and adventures. Discover York and satisfy your craving for the great outdoors with Groupon wooden rafting vouchers in York. Veer away from the conventional bus tour and river cruise. Enjoy the beautiful landscape through York's famous rivers on a wooden raft. Book a wooden rafting tour in York with best value vouchers from our website under leisure offers.

Groupon leisure offers great discounts on wooden rafting in York

It is not uncommon for residents of a place to take for granted the beautiful sites and amazing activities their place has to offer. Residents of York do not be stranger in your own city. Rediscover your city and see it with new perspective. Grab a picnic basket, tag along your best buddies and hop into a wooden rafting adventure in York. Get thrilled in York with wooden rafting tours. If you register as a member in our website, you will get free alerts daily on our awesome discount vouchers for various wooden rafting packages in York and more. You can buy multiple vouchers for York wooden rafting tours and other water sports. Check redemption instructions for guidance. Water sports and adventure vouchers make perfect gift for outdoor-loving friends. Buy now.

The Thrills and Spills of Rafting for Lowest Prices Ever

Rafting is an excellent pastime for groups of friends to try together and it's guaranteed to give you as many laughs as thrills and spills. You don't have to have any previous experience, and you don't need to be super fit to try rafting in York. One of the main reasons for not trying this fun activity is always the cost and yes, rafting can be expensive. Now the prices have come tumbling down with a new Groupon offer. Everybody can have a go with deals on rafting that sees the lowest price ever for this fantastic sport. Everything you need is provided from safety equipement and instruction to the raft itself. A designated course makes it considerably safer than you would imagine so even those who have never been rafting before can give it a try. You're certain to be hooked after the first time, so it's good to know that budget rafting allows you to enjoy the same discounts every time.

Organise a Great Day Out

Rafting is a brilliant idea for a group of friends and is ideal for stag nights or hen parties. It's also an excellent choice for company bonding days as you all need to pull together to keep your raft on course. Rafting is not nearly as difficult as you may think and with instructors on board you'll soon pick up the basics. Leisure offers as exciting as this don't happen all the time so take a look on our website today to book your first session. Save money and have fun with cheap rafting offers in York.

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