Teeth Whitening Foam

These home teeth-whitening kits consist of a one-step micro-foaming formulation that is designed to aid teeth whitening and stain removal

£30 £8.99

Portable USB Device Charger

These chargers boost battery power on devices such as mobile phones and tablets; durable lightweight design comes in various colours

£29.99 £8.99

Personalised House Sign

With room for 4 digits and up to 25 characters, these customised house signs are waterproof and UV protected for name and number clarity

£19.99 £9.99

Zirconia Earrings

Made with SWAROVSKI zirconia, these rhodium plated sterling silver earrings are a flexible accessory to various outfit styles

£35 £9.98

SWAROVSKI Zirconia Jewellery

These pieces of jewellery made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS can add sparkle to numerous get-up styles and can be a gift for a special someone

£35 £10.99

Christmas Slogan Sweatshirts

Designed with a series of humorous Christmas themed prints, these sweatshirts aim to bring smiles and keep warmth in the colder months


Samsung Galaxy S5

On a 2-year contract and operating on Android and 5-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy S5 aims to become a smartphone suitable for most people


Photo Print on Plywood Canvas

Collect own personal photos by uploading them, print them over a 12mm birch ply and share them to the loved ones; suitable for gifts

£39.99 £9.99

Girls' Avia Trainers

Available in a coral and silver or white and purple design these girls’ trainers will provide comfort on-the-go


Surge Extension Leads

Aiming to protect electrical appliances from power surges, these sockets are designed to declutter and save space in the house


Canvas Shoe Rack £10.98-£16.98

Four, eight or six tiers allow shoes, trainers, heels and more to be displayed and stored on this sturdy rack

£29.99 £10.98

Boys Character Footwear

A variety of colourful boys footwear that is designed with numerous cartoon characters such as Fireman Sam,Spider-Man, Angry Birds and other

£12 £7.99

Finish Quantum Tabs

Designed to keep dishwashers in pristine condition, these power gel tabs and fresheners work to remove tough stains and eliminate bad odours

£29.50 £11.98

Pedicure Set

This pedicure set contains a high-speed rotating head plus a foot-smoothing pad and attachments to shape and buff fingers and toes

£39.99 £10.99

Personalised A-Z Learning Cards

Designed to help the little ones learn the alphabet by using pictures and words customised to familiar people and objects in their life

£24 £10.50

Baroque Jewellery

Sterling silver earrings and pendant made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS adding a touch of Baroque sparkle to various outfits

£45 £11.99

Manicure Kits

Manicure lovers can experiment with these manicure kits that seek to offer a multitude of rock-like and 3D designs for nail art looks

£30 £9.98

6 or 12 Packs of Kandoo

Aiming to be the little one’s first toilet wipe, these wipes are about the size of two toilet papers and are made of biodegradable material

£11.94 £7.99

Ladies' Mule Slippers

These mule-style slippers with a plush upper and slip resistant soles encase toes in soft-faux fur, to keep feet warm in the colder months

£19.99 £6.98

Russell Hobbs Romana Frying Pan

A suitable addition to any kitchen, this 27cm-diameter frying pan features a stick-resistant interior coating and coloured-enamel finish

£24.99 £11.99

One-Month Ketone Supply

Taken twice daily, these vegan-friendly, vitamin-rich raspberry ketones supplements are designed to give wellbeing a little kick

£39 £7.99

Soft Fabric Dog Bed

With a soft fleece lining these beds provide a comfy night’s sleep for pampered pooches, available in small to extra-large to suit all sizes

£6.99 £6.98

Bend Bar Chest Expander

Workout devotees can strengthen their chest, back and arm muscles in the comfort of their home with this steel bend bar chest expander


Vanish Stain Remover

Suitable for removing stains from most types of fabrics at low temperatures, Vanish is an effective way to keep clothes clean

£13.99 £8.99

Women's Christmas Pyjamas

Designed to spread holiday cheer, these Christmas-themed pyjamas aim to offer a snuggle warmth during cold winter nights


Child Counselling Course

Helps participants take the first steps towards a youth-counselling career or simply gain a greater understanding of the young

£199.99 £49

Choice of Men's Leather Wallet

These classic men’s leather wallets have space for cards and a central metal clip for notes

£47.78 £11.99

18ct White Gold-Plated Bangles

Adding a touch of sparkle to outfits, these bangles come in three different styles and have SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals

£64.99 £9.98

Ladies Lace Knickers

These flirty knickers are made with soft lace, smoothing the waist and hips for a no show look under clothing

£29.99 £6.98

Football Paper Rolls £7.98-£29.99

Football fans can bring the thrill of the beautiful game to kitchens and bathrooms with these strong and absorbent two-ply paper packs

£71.42 £7.98