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Join more than a million merchants who have found new customers, brand awareness, and profitable marketing with no upfront cost.

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With more than 1 billion units sold1, we know how to set your business up for success. In fact, more than 80% of our campaigns are immediately profitable.2

Quality Customers

Groupon customers are collectors of new experiences, but loyal to the places they love. They spend more at great businesses and recommend favorite spots to friends.3

New Ways to Grow

Boost your online presence and connect with customers on your Groupon Page, drive revenue through full-priced offerings, and manage demand via online booking.

1) Groupon Internal Data, Q1 2016. Units reflect vouchers and products sold before cancellations and refunds. 2) Per company data and estimates based on a representative sample of 9,035 U.S. merchants, including overspend (October 2013–September 2014).
3) Based on Internal Redemption Data from trailing 12 months as of the end of Q2 (in instances where a merchant has recorded a total bill) and Groupon Customer Satisfaction Study, September 2015 (by Foresee, commissioned by Groupon)

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It’s easy to redeem Groupons on our mobile apps. Simply scan the barcode or enter the voucher code—that’s all it takes!

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Optimize promotions, learn about customers, and monitor feedback with intuitive campaign-management tools in your Merchant Center.

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Local Businesses Love Groupon

“The impact of Customer numbers from Groupon has allowed us to sell 5% of our annual inventory within 20 days. It’s been a really big benefit for us to be able to sell volumes of tickets at a time when we’d usually be quiet.”

– Steve Buchan, Up At The O2

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“We sold 40,000 tickets when the weather was at its worst. Business was still busy, and that is totally down to Groupon.”

– Steve Sampson, Paradise Wildlife Park

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“The feedback that we get from Groupon customers is quite frankly phenomenal.”

– Phil Ptolomey, Comlongon Castle

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“We´ve achieved over 10,000 sales through Groupon since we started using the service and this is a tremendous amount of leads that we wouldn´t have been able to get through any other means.”

– Jason Eaton, Cadbury House Club and Spa

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“A high portion of those people haven’t heard about us before, and hadn’t even considered visiting us before seeing the deal on Groupon.”

– Chris Goodchild, Wookey Hole Caves

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Running the promotions has boosted our customer numbers by 50% and kept us busy during the quieter months, which was key business objective for us. we have seen a wider variety of people attend the lessons, particularly from further afield.”

– Adam Griffiths, Newquay Surfing School

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Groupon brings me a new huge marketing base. Basically it markets for me. It brings brand recognition.”

– Iqbal Latif, Hôtel Rafayel

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“The key benefits from working with Groupon is that there is not up-front costs. We’ve managed to market to a large audience especially West London, and we’ve been able to increase our own database here at Imagine Spa. Our experience with Groupon has been a fantastic working-relationship.”

– Charlotte Halffman, Imagine Spa

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