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The best supermarket wines under £10

best supermarket wines under 10

Buying wine can be a real headache — and we're not just talking about the hangover. With so many bottles, an increase in at home wine-tasting sessions, and a whole lot of pressure to get things right, it's easy to feel like it's all going wrong when you confront the wine aisle. But help is at hand. We at Groupon are determined to save you money whilst getting you the good stuff, which is why we've scoured the internet far and wide to come up with a definitive guide to the best supermarket wine under £10. 

Using recommendations from the experts at Good Housekeeping and Olive magazine, we've found the very best bottles from a bunch of different grape varieties and refined the list so they all clock in at under £10 a bottle. No, you're not drunk, you read that correctly (unless you are drunk when reading this — no judgement), every single bottle in this list can be yours for less than a tenner. Ready to save? For the very best cheap red wine, white wine, and rosé, read on.

Best supermarket red wines under £10

best supermarket malbec

Best supermarket Malbec under £10:

Malbec de Balthazar Pays d'Oc, £8.69

We begin with a beautiful ruby Malbec that embodies the very best of French winemaking — with a reasonable price tag too! Like its southern French roots, it's bright, fruity and bursting with earthy flavours. The best supermarket Malbec by some way, this offers sophistication with a saving.

Flavours: This one's smoothly fruity, with a chocolatey finish!

Pair with: Dark meats go nicely here, as does melted blue cheese.

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best supermarket shiraz

Best supermarket full-bodied red under £10:

Lirac Les Cloisures, £60 for 6 bottles

Looking for something a bit richer? Allow us to introduce the Lirax Les Cloisures, a deep blend from the Rhône valley. It's described as "voluptuous", which is exactly how we like to think of this gorgeous bottle. Turn your living room into a virtual wine bar for two with this standout supermarket red wine.

Flavours: You'll be sure to get lost in its rich berry flavours, not to mention its warm aromas of leather and spice. 

Pair with: To really make the most of this M&S classic, you'll want some freshly seasoned red meat like a peppery steak or spicy sausage. 

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best supermarket wine

Best supermarket Cabernet Sauvignon under £10:

Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, £8

Straight out of California, this silky Cab Sav brings a smoothness to its fuller body that makes it ideal with a hearty meal, or sipping on its own during the evening. A top supermarket Cabernet Sauvignon if ever there was one. 

Flavours: Rich blackcurrants and berries, accompanied with a subtler vanilla and spice note that gently lingers.

Pair with: Cab Savs tend to do well with roasted or grilled red meats, which is exactly what we'd recommend here.

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best supermarket beaujolais

Best supermarket Beaujolais under £10:

Classics Beaujolais Villages, Case of 6, £48

Spreading across 38 vineyards in Beaujolais, the Beaujolais-Villages label takes advantage of the rich soils the Gamay grape loves, producing intensely fruity wines as good as any in the world. This unoaked variety is best served slightly chilled, due to its lighter colouring

Flavours: The red fruit notes are strong here, with supporting tunes from darker berries and a slightly peppery aroma. 

Try with: Beaujolais tends to be very versatile, though we'd particularly recommend serving it with mushroom dishes and chicken.

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best supermarket pinot noir

Best supermarket Pinot Noir under £10:

Tesco Finest Marlborough Pinot Noir, 75cl, £9

While travel might not be high on your agenda right now thanks to the Pandemic, that doesn’t mean you can’t sample the lively flavours of a New Zealand Pinot Noir from the comfort of your dining room. Kiwi producers Indevin really knocked this one out of the park, the cool dry climes of NZ making for some truly juicy, dark flavours. One of the best supermarket Pinot Noirs, for sure. 

Flavours: Subtly spicy but undoubtedly smooth. 

Pair with: This'll work with anything meaty. We'd recommend it with poultry or pork, though mushrooms will really fly with it too.

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Best supermarket white wine under £10

best supermarket pinot grigio

Best supermarket Pinot Grigio under £10:

M&S Classics Pinot Grigio, 6 for £42

You don't get to be an M&S Classic without being a seriously good wine. The Classics Pinot Grigio is a blissful bottle which comes recommended by First Dates' Fred Siriex, so you can be sure it'll satisfy a thirsty crowd. Made in the Venezie region in the north-east of Italy, the cool summers mean the grapes ripen slowly and develop a crisp fruitiness that's hard to match. It's the best supermarket Pinot Grigio for the price and certainly one of our top wines under a tenner. 

Flavours: Drinkers love the green apple and pear elements, as well as the herbal touches.

Pair with: White meat and seafood. Bonus points if the meal includes a fruit element!

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best supermarket chardonnay

Best supermarket chardonnay under £10:

Burra Brook Chardonnay, 6 for £42

One of the most renowned supermarket labels, Chardonnays Burra Brook brings an oaky, fruity South Australian vibe straight to your table. With grapes sourced from a range of warm and cool areas, this one really makes a tropical statement with plenty of acidity. It's surprising to see such a superior Chardonnay at this price — but we'll take it!

Flavours: Tropical, acidic, whisps of oak and super fruity. The vanilla hints make it really pop. 

Pair with: Pork and rich fish will do well here, and it'll nicely complement the flavours of vegetables and salads. 

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best supermarket Grenache

Best supermarket Grenache under £10:

2020 Rustenberg, Grenache Blanc, £9.99

An exceptional bottle from the famed Rustenberg vineyard in South Africa, this is a dry white wine that'll turn up the flavours of any dinner party. Planted high on north-facing mountain slopes ensuring low temperatures but maximum sunlight, you'll get acidity, fruitiness and texture to boot. One of the best supermarket wine deals you'll find, it’s yours for under a tenner a bottle.

Flavours: Expect apple and lemon notes to really shine though.

Pair with: This Grenache will make seafood and poultry dishes, or anything spiced!

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best supermarket riesling

Best supermarket Riesling under £10:

Tall Gum Riesling 2019, £9.9

This Australian treat bursts onto the palate with delightfully fruity flavours and thorough acidity. Easygoing, refreshing and flavourful too, there's a crispness to it that'll keep you coming back for more. Its home state of Victoria has the perfect summer temperatures for Riesling — which is what makes Tall Gum such a hit. 

Flavours: Leans heavily on a zesty lime and tropical aromatic vibe.

Pair with: The citrus component makes this an ideal accompaniment to fish or chicken, so why not try with a grilled sea bass or a chicken curry. 

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Best supermarket Rosé under £10

best supermarket cinsault

Best supermarket Cinsault under £10:

La Dame en Rosé: Case of 6, £39 for 6

M&S provides a summer Rosé that sings in every season. Fresh, delicate and fruity as can be, the heat of southern France does wonders in bringing out citrus flavours and potent textures. One of the best supermarket Rosés under £10, this is a must have for your wine-rack all year round.

Flavours: Strawberries and red fruit first and foremost, with acacia and elderflower in the mix. 

Pair with: We like this with pasta, veggies and any number of appetisers. 

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