Shop Groupon Tower 20L Manual Microwave
Tower 20L Manual Microwave
130+ bought
£129.99 From £69.98
Shop Groupon Cooks Professional Espresso Maker
Cooks Professional Espresso Maker
360+ bought
£149.99 From £34.99
Shop Groupon Pineapple Slicer
Pineapple Slicer
160+ bought
£24.99 From £4.99
Shop Groupon Five-Piece Knife Set
Five-Piece Knife Set
60+ bought
£34.99 £10.99
Shop Groupon Double-Walled Water Bottle
Double-Walled Water Bottle
620+ bought
£19.99 From £7.99
Shop Groupon Silicone Kitchen Clip Holders
Silicone Kitchen Clip Holders
10+ bought
£7.99 From £1.50
Shop Groupon 1000W Nutriblend Set
1000W Nutriblend Set
350+ bought
£129.99 From £39.98
Shop Groupon Tefal ActiFry Fryer
Tefal ActiFry Fryer
330+ bought
£249.99 £98.99
Shop Groupon Colour Plastic Carrier Bags
Colour Plastic Carrier Bags
40+ bought
From £1.99
Shop Groupon Pyrex Glass Container Set
Pyrex Glass Container Set
90+ bought
£32.99 From £14.99
Shop Groupon Brita Water Filter Dispenser
Brita Water Filter Dispenser
230+ bought
£49.99 From £29.99
Shop Groupon Russell Hobbs 5L Rice Cooker
Russell Hobbs 5L Rice Cooker
90+ bought
£69.99 £34
Shop Groupon Tap Water Filter
Tap Water Filter
440+ bought
£19.99 From £3.98
Shop Groupon Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic Soap Dispenser
10+ bought
£17.99 From £9.98
Shop Groupon Salter Digital Hot Air Fryer
Salter Digital Hot Air Fryer
140+ bought
£199.99 £65.99
Shop Groupon Eight-Piece Knife Set with Stand
Eight-Piece Knife Set with Stand
320+ bought
£99.99 From £22.99
Shop Groupon Rubber Bottle Sealers
Rubber Bottle Sealers
60+ bought
£8.99 From £1.98
Shop Groupon Rink Drink Drinking Glasses
Rink Drink Drinking Glasses
2 bought
From £5.98
Shop Groupon Cooks Professional Air Fryer
Cooks Professional Air Fryer
290+ bought
£159.99 From £79.99
Shop Groupon Swan Bread Bin with Canisters
Swan Bread Bin with Canisters
210+ bought
£119.98 From £35.99
Shop Groupon Vivo Cake Layer Slicer
Vivo Cake Layer Slicer
10+ bought
£24.99 £9.98
Shop Groupon Reusable Silicone Food Covers
Reusable Silicone Food Covers
640+ bought
£16 From £3.98
Shop Groupon Morphy Richards Knife Set
Morphy Richards Knife Set
710+ bought
£79.99 From £26.99
Shop Groupon Newcook 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker
Newcook 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker
80+ bought
£123 £32.99
Shop Groupon Hot Mother Oven Cleaner
Hot Mother Oven Cleaner
5,000+ bought
£24.99 From £4.99
Shop Groupon Conversion Table Board
Conversion Table Board
30+ bought
Shop Groupon 3-in-1 Snack Maker
3-in-1 Snack Maker
1,000+ bought
£59.99 £24.98
Shop Groupon Neo Snow Cone and Slushy Maker
Neo Snow Cone and Slushy Maker
390+ bought
£99.99 From £23.99
Shop Groupon Tower Two-Tier Dish Rack
Tower Two-Tier Dish Rack
190+ bought
£69.99 £22.99
Shop Groupon Salter Chopping Board Set
Salter Chopping Board Set
200+ bought
£24.99 From £12.98
Shop Groupon Two-Tier Dish Drainer Rack
Two-Tier Dish Drainer Rack
1,000+ bought
£19.99 From £8.68
Shop Groupon Copper Ceramic Pan Sets
Copper Ceramic Pan Sets
1,000+ bought
From £9.98
Shop Groupon Fridge Organisers
Fridge Organisers
1,000+ bought
£39 From £3.98
Shop Groupon Craft Beer Ale Glasses
Craft Beer Ale Glasses
5 bought
From £6.98
Shop Groupon Eight-Piece Knife Block Set
Eight-Piece Knife Block Set
170+ bought
£99.99 From £23.99
Shop Groupon His or Her Cocktail Glasses
His or Her Cocktail Glasses
1,000+ bought
£14.99 From £9.98
Shop Groupon Big Carbon Steel Wok 30cm
Big Carbon Steel Wok 30cm
600+ bought
From £2.99
Shop Groupon Portable Flamingo Lunch Bags
Portable Flamingo Lunch Bags
1,000+ bought
£24.99 From £3.98
Shop Groupon Mesh Protective Food Covers
Mesh Protective Food Covers
210+ bought
£9.98 From £2.50
Shop Groupon RCR Glasses and Tumblers Set
RCR Glasses and Tumblers Set
910+ bought
£69.99 From £8.98
Shop Groupon Cooks Professional Raclette Grill
Cooks Professional Raclette Grill
140+ bought
£79.99 From £29.99
Shop Groupon Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer
Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer
120+ bought
£69.99 £29.99
Shop Groupon Disposable Cups
Disposable Cups
5 bought
From £3.98
Shop Groupon I Can't Adult Today Mug
I Can't Adult Today Mug
6 bought
£14.99 £6.98
Shop Groupon Cereal Dispenser
Cereal Dispenser
460+ bought
£39.99 From £8.99
Shop Groupon Three-in-One Egg Boiler
Three-in-One Egg Boiler
1,000+ bought
£49.99 From £10
Shop Groupon Tower Five-Piece Pan Set
Tower Five-Piece Pan Set
220+ bought
£119.99 £36.98
Shop Groupon 25-Piece Kitchen Utensils Set
25-Piece Kitchen Utensils Set
430+ bought
£34.99 £14.99

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Browse our extensive range of deals on kitchen appliances, kitchen storage and kitchenware. Whether you're looking for designer kitchen accessories, a kitchen utensil set or discount kitchen appliances, if you need something for your kitchen we’re sure to have it at the best possible price


Bake like the best with our deals on bakeware. Our deals offer everything you need from scales and mixing bowls to baking mats, icing turntables and cake tins.

Coffee Tea and Espresso

Get your caffeine fix with our great deals on coffee and espresso machines, or make a perfect cup of tea with a new kettle. Our colour choices and big brand selection mean you will surely find the right appliance to match your kitchen.


Our cookware offers are perfect for getting your kitchen sizzling. We have deals on saucepan sets from top manufacturers and also have many deals on kitchen necessities like casseroles, steamers, chopping boards and grill mats.


From classic to contemporary, we have a cutlery deal to match your style. From an essential 4 pc set through to feeding the family with a choice of large 24pc cutlery sets, we have a deal to suit you and your dining table.


Check out our deals on cutlery and bag a fantastic cutlery set at a great price. We've got cutlery sets in rose gold, black, gold and holographic finishes as well as more traditional stainless steel. We also have deals on knife blocks ranging from three pieces up to 24 pieces. Here you'll also find deals on scissors and chopping boards.

Dinner Sets

Our dinner set offers provide great choices for every day family dining or stylish dinner parties. We've got deals on traditional dinner sets in pure white or with floral patterns through to modern two-tone sets. Be on the lookout for the massive savings you’ll get on sets that can include up to 80 pieces made from bone china and porcelain. We also have deals on placemats, coasters and other table essentials like salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders. And for when you want to show off your latest creation Bake-Off style, get a cake stand, party food dish or dip tray.

Food Storage

Browse our selection of food storage solutions and you'll find all kinds of storage options from re-sealable plastic containers through to glass storage jars and metal bread bins. We also have deals on wine racks, spice racks, fridge organisers and pot racks if you’re the kind of person who can’t abide an untidy kitchen.


Check out our drinkware for everything you need for serving drinks. With shot glasses, gin balloons, whisky tumblers to pint glasses we've got a home for your favourite drink. We also offer deals on artisanal coffee glasses, cups and saucers and more specialised items like decanters, champagne buckets and wine coolers & aerators.

Kitchen Utensils

If you're looking for discount deals on kitchen utensils we've got a huge variety of great offers. We've got everything from chopping boards, scales and measuring spoons through to spiralizers, ice cream moulds and electric can openers. No matter what you're looking to get for your kitchen we'll have it at a great price!

Large Kitchen Appliances

With our range of deals it's like a permanent kitchen appliances sale. We have a large selection of items including fridges, freezers, wine coolers, baking ovens and table top grills all with our usual money off deals.

Table Linens

Our deals on tablecloths will let you get your table looking tip-top. We've got deals on anti-stain tablecloths and you'll also find other kitchen items like aprons and anti-heat gloves - everything you need for hosting a great dinner party or protecting your table from sticky young fingers.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Browse our discount kitchen appliances for the very best deals. We've got a massive range of small appliances from microwaves, blenders and food processors to ice-cream makers, omelette machines, juicers and coffee machines. With Groupon deals all your appliance and gadget desires can be fulfilled at great prices.