Beauty and spas in London are big business and there are dozens of dedicated professionals working from sumptuous premises across the capital. Whether it is an impromptu session one lunchtime during a punishing week, or a meticulously planned pampering treat, London has every massage and beauty treatment available. Once the preserve of wealthy middle class 'ladies who lunch', spa days are now affordable to everyone. There are also newer facilities, specially tailored for parents and children as well as male-only spas, a market that is on the rise as more and more men look to take care of their bodies. To relax and take time out from the rat race, London's health and beauty spas are an oasis of calm in this hectic city.

The whole world of beauty and spa facilities in one city

Many different countries have their own traditional massage and treatment techniques, some are familiar such as the Scandinavian sauna services offered by Elixir Health Club. Located near Alexandra Palace they also offer Swedish and deep tissue massages, however, this is an authentic experience, so those who balk at the thought of nudity might be well advised to choose somewhere else. Indian holistics and ayurveda are relatively common in beauty and spas London offers, one acclaimed centre for this is in the suburb of Hanwell, Spa Isha welcomes guest practitioners at the acme of their craft. Dinesh Kotecha is the senior therapist and he has taught in Japan and the United States. Less familiar perhaps, but the flavour of the month is the Russian steam bath known as Banya. In 2015 this craze swept through fashionable London circles and top celebrities were singing the praises of Gobanya on City Road.

Affordable beauty and spas in London

For those who are running to a budget, there are a number of beauty and pampering facilities which promote special offers, the best of which have been brought together for you by Groupon. The most appealing offers tend to be found outside of Central London but those looking for a bargain don't need to travel far. Spa Casablanca offers stressed visitors the full range of beauty, massage and facial treatments. For group bookings (maybe a hen party) or mother-daughter bonding sessions an ideal location is The Swiss Cottage spa LONDON has everything that a lady of class and refinement could desire.

Men Only

The rise of the metrosexual in London means that it is no longer considered sissy for men to indulge their pleasure in the London beauty and spas scene. A number of male-only spas have sprung up in London, and some do have a clear gay identity such as Covent Garden's The Stable which features spa room, wet room and fully licensed bar among numerous other attractions. Others also welcome a predominantly straight clientele, including the Moroccan themed Dolphin Square by the Thames, which has received awards from the World Luxury Spa Awards.

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