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Tablet Deals, iPad Deals & Computers | Groupon

Tablets and computers

We have the best computer deals and cheap tablet deals for anyone who is looking to upgrade their home computer setup. There's no need for you to keep your old, slow machine that struggles to get online. With a host of tablets, laptops and desktops available, you'll be able to find the right machine for your requirements and all at excellent prices thanks to our unbeatable deals.

Computer accessories

Get everything you need to assist you in setting up your computer or tablet the way you want with our cheap computer accessories. We have deals on laptop and tablet cases, for when you need to take your machine with you including leather bags and lightweight neoprene sleeves – perfect for when you want to put your laptop in a bag without getting any scratches. We also have deals on essentials like a new mouse, keyboards, mouse mats and desktop organisers to keep your workspace tidy whilst maximising space.

Desktop computers

Our deals on cheap computers mean you'll be able to get your next desktop machine for a fraction of the cost of elsewhere. We have deals on Windows desktops and Macs allowing you the choice of the main operating systems platforms. Be sure to keep an eye out for refurbished machines that are just as good as new but at a fraction of the price.

Hard Drives & storage

External storage is always a useful commodity, allowing you to keep your music collection or photographs somewhere without using up all the space on your machine. We have deals on hard drives and SSD drives, USB flash storage, and optical storage like DVD-Rs and CD-Rs, offering you the best range of storage solutions.


Our laptop computer deals give you a choice from top brands including HP, Dell and Apple and all at the best possible prices. With lots of different screen sizes, processors and operating systems you'll be spoiled for choice, and with our deals - all at wallet friendly prices.

Networking and Wireless

Networking and wireless products are the backbone of how we connect to the internet, so we offer great deals on these essential items. If you're looking for a router or a Wi-Fi range extender, then we've got deals on these from top manufacturers like D-Link, TP-Link and Belkin. We also offer deals on smart home technology products such as Wi-Fi plug sockets, allowing you to control appliances connected to your smartphone from anywhere. The sockets integrate into the Amazon Alexa system too and allow voice control for ease of use.

Tablet accessories

Our range of tablet accessories offer all the essentials you need for your tablet. We have quality cases in various styles including leather cases, neoprene cases and cases with integrated stands allowing you to position your tablet just right when you want to kick back, relax and watch a movie. We also offer styluses, chargers and power banks – for times when you can't get to a plug socket to charge your device. Keep an eye out for our Bluetooth keyboards too, letting you add a physical keyboard to your tablet.

Tablets and E-Readers

If you're looking for cheap Samsung tablets or cheap iPads then you’ve come to the right place. Our iPad deals offer unbeatable savings, letting you pick up a cheap iPad air or iPad mini for a fraction of the cost. There are also deals on iPads with retina displays and iPad Pro, for people who require more oomph and use a tablet for work. We also have Android tablet deals, the super sleek Microsoft surface and Hudl to name a few, as well as specialist tablets aimed at children. With a selection like this there's a tablet to suit everyone and their budget.