Gifts For Couples

Want to give you and your partner the chance to spoil yourselves with a break away or flashy night out? Or spend some quality time together? If you’re on the lookout for a unique gift idea for your other half or a couple you know, then you’re in luck with Groupon here to help.

We have searched high and low to find the best gifts for couples online; from romantic retreats, to exquisite dinners out, to activities you’d never thought you’d be doing in your home town. All you need to do is have a think about what kind of gift will best suit you and your partner or a couple you need to get a present for.


Hipster Wedding Ideas

We’ve all seen hipsters in our cities. You'll spot them by their beards and their vintage clothing. You'll see them riding unicycles or fixed speed bikes and listening to cassettes on a Walkman. They are not bound by tradition and like to create their own trends.   Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in our culture, so can hipsters embrace i

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Groupon helps you find good gifts for couples anywhere in the UK

What kind of couple’s gift you need all depends on one thing; whether you’re in a relationship, or finding something for a couple you know. Is it going to be a gift for you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend, maybe for Valentine's Day? Are you treating your parents to something a bit different for their anniversary this year? Or are you planning on surprising a date? Here are some ideas based on your situation and how they fit in with the gifts on this page.

Date Night – You’ve got a nice outfit on and you’re all ready for a lovely date, but you haven’t decided yet where to go for dinner. Luckily for you, a quick search here on Groupon can help you to find the perfect dinner for 2 in your area. We have the cream of the crop; from top restaurants nearby with special deals on dining for two, to tasty foodie experiences to fancy cocktail taster sessions.

Engagement and wedding presents – Instead of wondering whether a new toaster or kettle is a good engagement present, get a couple about to tie the knot something more memorable instead. We do have a lot of local wedding related presents. Some of the deals include Wedding Photography Packages, venue decoration and even 50% off wedding cakes, giving you deals they’ll say “I do” to.

Wedding Anniversaries – And what do you get a couple celebrating their marriage, especially if it’s your parents? Couple massages and spa days are always a great idea and you can see the latest pamper perfect gift ideas on this page.

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