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Hot and Tasty Tips for Choosing the Right Cooking Class

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You Won't Believe How Much These Gifts Cost

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How to find a good birthday gift, a really good birthday gift

If you are wondering where to start with getting a wonderful gift, here are a few ideas that might spark some inspiration:

Location – You might be surprised by how many places just down the road can make for a fun little birthday gift. A lot of people don’t know some of the interesting hot deals we have that can be used as an exciting birthday gift. It could be something such as treating your mum on her birthday to a posh afternoon tea in a fancy hotel, to getting your dad a private golf lesson.

Cost – Whether you like to splurge or save here at Groupon there are so many options that there will always be something to suit your specific price point. Be on the lookout for team-based activities that can make a great birthday day out when you pool together. We’ve seen a lot of interest recently in groups of friends taking advantage of our deals for bubble football where up to 15 people chip in money together. There’s always something happening in your neck of the woods.

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Likes – Do you have a friend who is a bit of a foodie? Then a perfectly cooked steak at a high-end restaurant would tick all the right boxes. We have deals that will suit any interest all over the country. We help make finding what you like easier.

Dislikes – You may need to factor in what someone doesn’t like to get as a birthday gift too. In the way that your Nan probably won’t like a session of indoor snowboarding, it’s important to consider the recipient’s interests in order to bag that perfect gift. It’s a great idea to take a positive spin on someone’s dislikes too. Have a relative who always talks about a sore back? You’ll make their day with a voucher for a sports massage to get all loose and limber again.

How easy is it to really get a good Birthday gift on Groupon?

There’s easy and then there’s super easy, and at Groupon we make it happen in just a few clicks. There is no need to hit the shops with an uncertain attitude as to what you should buy when we have a constant update of new birthday gift ideas that you won’t see anywhere else.

A lot of the local deals you’ll see on this page are exclusive to Groupon too and you won’t be able to get them anywhere else, especially if you’re looking up hotel breaks, local activities and special days out.

What types of birthday gifts can I find at Groupon?

There’s a gift for everyone waiting to be found on the site. Our most popular birthday gifts include:

Eating Out – The perfect little slice of a day where you can wine and dine a pal on their birthday and already have the bill taken care of. Steak dinners for two and two-course Indian dinners are very popular birthday gifts, although you may prefer something a bit different like a quirky murder mystery evening or swanky cocktails that are too good to pass on.

Swish Getaways – Point your finger anywhere on the map and there’s a good chance Groupon has a perfect getaway deal for that location. Whether it’s an overnight stay in a luxury spa as a treat, a weekend away in Belfast or a dream vacation to Bali, we have getaways to suit all budgets and styles. Many Groupon users looking for birthday gifts in this area enjoy the short getaway breaks with transport included that make travelling easier than ever.

Event Deals – This is an exciting part of the Groupon site where we have exclusive deals on everything from gigs to live sports events to theatre tickets.  You might find out that one of your dad’s favourite bands is in town, or that there’s a 2for1 deal on a play or musical.

I’m looking for a birthday present that’s a little different and exciting? What can I get?

If you want to really surprise someone for their birthday with a present they’ve never had before, you’re in luck. We always have new quirky deals in your area that will truly give someone a birthday surprise.

Getting one of these as a special and unique birthday gift will create a truly memorable day out. And even if they’re not an adrenaline junky, there are plenty of calmer and more relaxing options for you to choose from too.

What birthday gift can I get that’s reliable and more traditional?

You can never go wrong with a meal voucher for two. It lets them know you’d love nothing more than some quality time together over a few courses that you’ve chosen especially.

I want the best present ever, but I want it to be affordable. Can you help?

If you have a specific budget in mind and want the best value possible for a birthday gift, take a look at our Affordable Gifts section. It is the place to suss out all the best deals on personalised birthday presents, the biggest discounts from big brand names and a few special last minute deals that make for great presents at even better prices.