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Portable Speakers, Cheap Headphones & MP3 Players | Groupon

If you're on the lookout for some portable speakers, a wireless sound system, some cheap headphones or a turntable, you’ll be able to find the right thing in our portable audio solutions. Music is one of the most powerful mediums expressing human emotion and it has proven health benefits including stress relief, enhanced running performance, increased IQ and increased verbal intelligence. So why don't you do yourself a favour and get yourself kitted out with some portable audio equipment thanks to one of our great deals?

Docks, radios and boomboxes

Our docks, radios and boombox deals will get you bouncing anywhere and everywhere. Get a dock for your phone or your smart watch to allow easy charging and storage of cables, or check out our boomboxes which offer easy access to powerful sound for the times when you want to listen to music on the go.

In-ear headphones

Our deals on in-ear headphones mean that you'll never be without your music anywhere, and whatever type of model you’re looking for, we’ll have a deal for it. For example we have deals on noise isolating in-ear headphones that let you really focus on the music, and sports models that will stay in your ears no matter how active you are. With great features like anti-tangle cables, ergonomic design and high-quality sound from lightweight neodymium magnets, our in-ear headphones will provide you with crystal clear sound when you're out and about.

iPod & MP3 player

If you're looking for a portable audio player or a cheap mp3 player then our deals will get you mobile with your music. Playing back mp3s, WAV, WMA and WMV files, you'll be able to listen to all the major digital music formats when you’re on the move. We also have deals on accessories for players like FM transmitters for your car, allowing you to play your portable player through the speakers of your car's stereo system whilst charging your player.

On ear headphones

If you're looking for the best deals on cheap wireless headphones then look no further! We have deals on headphones from top manufacturers like Sennhesier, Sony, Audio Technica and Philips. If you're looking for cheap beats headphones or bluetooth cordless headphones, you'll find them here too. If you're active, have a look at our deals on specialist sports headphones, designed for rough treatment and active lifestyles. We also have deals on headphone essentials like headphone adaptors for iPhone and multi-way headphone splitters, allowing you to share your music with your friends without disturbing other people.

Bluetooth and wireless speakers

Our deals on cheap wireless speakers allow you to connect your digital players and share your music with those around you. With an array of styles and sizes you'll be able to choose the best cheap portable speakers for you. We offer battery powered, rechargeable and solar powered speakers with all the bells and whistles including Bluetooth connectivity and built in radios, as well as light up options. In addition to this, we have deals on portable turntables, allowing you to play your vinyl anywhere you go. For people who need music in multiple rooms, check out our deals on multi-room speaker systems, allowing you to wirelessly synch your music round the house, or you can set them up so that each speaker connects to its own source, allowing your system the maximum flexibility.