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Fridja Travel Steamer
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Neo Steam Mop Cleaner
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Minster Memory Foam Mattress
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Retro-Style Bulb String Lights
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Cooks Professional Mill Set
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Digital Body Analyser Scale
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Prolectrix Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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Crystal Ortho Memory Mattress
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Solar-Powered LED Wall Lanterns
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Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner
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Large Folding Laundry Sorter
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3D Animal Duvet Cover Set
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Morocco Reversible Duvet Set
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Sublime Hybrid Mattress
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Drain Waste Plug
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HP 302 Combo Ink
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Non-Slip Entrance Mat
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VAX Window Vacuum Cleaner
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Radiator Cover
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Joseph Joseph Flavour Bud
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3 or 6 Monstera Deliciosa Plants
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Winter Plug Plants Collection
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Scratch the World Map
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3 actionable steps to make your house comfortable and beautiful

What makes a house a home? A lot of things—and Groupon can help with most of them. From creative wall art and furniture sets to household essentials, you can easily shop our home and garden goods by price, brand or style. Then fill your space with the home decor and appliances that make your home feel like—well, you.

Start with the Essentials

The absolute basic is to create a comfortable sleeping area. Bedroom design can get tricky but on Groupon, you’ll find many inspiring ideas and examples on how to choose the best decoration and setting. While the perfect set of sheets and duvet covers complete the look, it's not a truly restful haven until you've paired it with the right mattress. Next is the bathroom, where a simple faucet upgrade and a contemporary or quirky shower curtain can make the space feel brand-new for an affordable price. Last but not least, let’s take care of kitchen design. Convenient gadgets and utensils such as top of the range blenders or stylish salt and pepper sets make even a small apartment feel as cozy as a bed-and-breakfast.

Add the Statement Pieces

When family and friends come over, you'll want to welcome them with your perfectly styled and wonderfully comfortable furniture both inside and out. On the patio and in the garden, gather the party around a firepit and sit them on some of our stunning rattan sofas and armchairs. Back indoors, surprise your guests with the artful home accents lining your walls, from inspiring quotes to interesting prints. They won’t want to leave your place (until you nod up at the cool clock on the wall)! But, in case you have a trip coming up, make your own escape in style with a set of luggage.

Take Care of Functionality

For all of the little bits of life that tend to accumulate in the corners, must-have storage solutions - from coat stands and fruit bowls to wooden sheds - keep your living space uncluttered and organized. Good storage also makes it easy to swap out heating, cooling, and environmental devices such as electric fireplaces, patio heaters, air conditioners, and humidifiers so that you stay comfortable in any climate. A good ottoman storage bed is also a perfect place to hide the winter duvet as the seasons eventually change.

Now, you’re ready to turn your house into your favorite place to eat, sleep, work, and have fun. Shop our deals and find the best offers - everything with up to 70% off!