Shop Groupon LG 4.1 480W Soundbar
LG 4.1 480W Soundbar
5 bought
Shop Groupon Akai Retro-Style Boombox
Akai Retro-Style Boombox
200+ bought
From £34.99
Shop Groupon Wireless Bookshelf Speakers
Wireless Bookshelf Speakers
40+ bought
£99.99 £60.99
Shop Groupon GPCT VGA to HDMI Converter
GPCT VGA to HDMI Converter
10+ bought
Shop Groupon Akai Party Speaker
Akai Party Speaker
10+ bought
£199.99 £89.99
Shop Groupon KitSound Portable Bluetooth Radio
KitSound Portable Bluetooth Radio
6 bought
£45 £37.99
Shop Groupon Panasonic 80W 2.0 BT Soundbar
Panasonic 80W 2.0 BT Soundbar
10+ bought
£69 £59
Shop Groupon TV Wall Bracket Tilt Mount
TV Wall Bracket Tilt Mount
530+ bought
£49.99 From £9.95
Shop Groupon 80W 36'' Bluetooth Soundbar
80W 36'' Bluetooth Soundbar
5 bought
From £57.95
Shop Groupon Apachie Wireless Mirror Dongle
Apachie Wireless Mirror Dongle
800+ bought
£29.99 £14.99
Shop Groupon GPCT Three-Port HDMI Cable
GPCT Three-Port HDMI Cable
10+ bought
From £8.99
Shop Groupon Violetta Bluetooth Speaker
Violetta Bluetooth Speaker
Shop Groupon Daewoo Portable Karaoke Machine
Daewoo Portable Karaoke Machine
2 bought
From £72.95
Shop Groupon Compact Electronic Time Switch
Compact Electronic Time Switch
70+ bought
£24.99 From £7.99
Shop Groupon Status Cube Extension Socket
Status Cube Extension Socket
220+ bought
£36.99 From £13.03
Shop Groupon Lexibook Bluetooth Sound Tower
Lexibook Bluetooth Sound Tower
£149.99 £95.99
Shop Groupon HDMI Cables for iPhone or iPad
HDMI Cables for iPhone or iPad
150+ bought
£35.99 From £13.49
Shop Groupon TP-Link Gigabit Powerline Kit
TP-Link Gigabit Powerline Kit
2 bought
Shop Groupon Intempo Adjustable TV Wall Mount
Intempo Adjustable TV Wall Mount
90+ bought
£29.99 From £10.50
Shop Groupon GPCT 1.8m HDMI to VGA Cable
GPCT 1.8m HDMI to VGA Cable
5 bought
From £6.95
Shop Groupon Frottana Four-Piece Towel Set
Frottana Four-Piece Towel Set
30+ bought
From £33.98
Shop Groupon Status Two-USB Port Adaptor Plug
Status Two-USB Port Adaptor Plug
180+ bought
£21.99 From £6.97
Shop Groupon Status Remote Control Socket
Status Remote Control Socket
120+ bought
£34.99 £13.99
Shop Groupon MasterPlug Surge Extension Lead
MasterPlug Surge Extension Lead
20+ bought
£10.99 From £9.49
Shop Groupon LG BP556 Smart Blu-Ray Player
LG BP556 Smart Blu-Ray Player
6 bought
£129.99 £73.99
Shop Groupon VHS to DVD Converter
VHS to DVD Converter
150+ bought
£24.99 From £7.49
Shop Groupon Gear4 Wireless Speaker
Gear4 Wireless Speaker
50+ bought
£58.99 £17.99
Shop Groupon HDMI Receiver and Switch Splitter
HDMI Receiver and Switch Splitter
20+ bought
£15.60 £7.61
Shop Groupon Daewoo Electrical Plug Timers
Daewoo Electrical Plug Timers
40+ bought
£10.99 £7.97
Shop Groupon Pifco Extension Lead
Pifco Extension Lead
From £4.99
Shop Groupon Status Two-Metre Extension Socket
Status Two-Metre Extension Socket
110+ bought
£15.99 From £4.49
Shop Groupon Double Arm Monitor Bracket
Double Arm Monitor Bracket
3 bought
£75 £16.99
Shop Groupon SMJ 8-Socket Tower with USB
SMJ 8-Socket Tower with USB
160+ bought
From £16.99
Shop Groupon GPCT Gold-Plated HDMI Cable
GPCT Gold-Plated HDMI Cable
9 bought
From £3.95
Shop Groupon 24-Hour Plug-In Timer Switch
24-Hour Plug-In Timer Switch
20+ bought
Shop Groupon Status Four-Socket Cassette Reel
Status Four-Socket Cassette Reel
20+ bought
£24.99 £8.23
Shop Groupon Worldwide Travel Adapter Set
Worldwide Travel Adapter Set
20+ bought
Shop Groupon European Travel Adapter Plugs
European Travel Adapter Plugs
10+ bought
From £5.99
Shop Groupon Akai Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker
Akai Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker
10+ bought
From £11.99
Shop Groupon SMJ Five-Socket Extension Lead
SMJ Five-Socket Extension Lead
6 bought
£32.99 From £11.67

Home Cinema System & TV Deals | Groupon

Everyone loves a trip to the cinema, but you don't have to go to the cinema for a big screen experience. Our home cinema deals and tv deals will get you kitted out for a cinema experience at home. Whether you're looking for LED TV deals or a home cinema screen, we will help you find the screen of your dreams. We also have special offers on audio solutions, including sound bars and stereos, helping you that get rich cinema sound in your own living room. We also have deals on jukeboxes, turntables, radios and Hi-Fi systems.

Home Audio

Our home audio solutions are sure to get the sound rumbling in your home. Our choice of home cinema speakers and soundbars will connect to your TV to give you larger than life sound. It's not just home cinema sound systems we've got deals on though. We've got a great collection of other home audio products including DAB radios, Hi-Fis, cassette recorders, music centres and turntables. We especially love the sleek DAB radios as they have fantastic sound and are perfect for cranking up when you’re in the kitchen doing the dishes after dinner.

Home Cinema Accessories

If your browse our home cinema accessories you'll find deals-a-plenty on all the essentials you need for your home cinema system. We've got deals on HDMI cables and VGA cables that let you connect your computer or your media player to your TV. We also have deals on multiple input HDMI switching boxes, letting you switch between HDMI sources connected to your TV – and all controlled by a remote control so you don't have to leave your sofa.

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We've got great deals on mounts and shelving solutions to help you organise your home entertainment setup. Keep an eye out for mounts for your TV/ monitor or for shelving units to organise DVDs and Blu-ray collections.

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If you're looking for a home cinema projector or projector screen then browse our projectors and screens section. If you fancy a really large screen, we have deals on screens up to a colossal 100” - just get some popcorn and it's like you're at the cinema.

Streaming Media Players

Streaming media players are becoming hugely popular, allowing you to stream internet content straight to your TV. If you want to watch YouTube videos or content you have on your phone on your TV have a look at our streaming media players and wireless media dongles. We have deals on the latest machines including the Apple TV and dongles from other manufacturers including Apachie.


If you're looking for cheap TVs, our LED TV and smart TV deals are hard to beat. We have deals on TVs from top brands like Samsung, Akai and LG and offer a variety of different models and specs. From 32” LCD TVs up to massive 65” models, we've got the lot and everything in-between. We offer full HD and Ultra HD models in flat screen and curved versions. We also have LED smart TV deals, so if you're looking for a cheap smart TV you've come to the right place.