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The best cheap TV deals & offers right now

20 May 2022

If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment setup, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the web for the cheapest TV deals to suit every budget—whether you’re looking for a 32” screen that packs an (affordable) punch or the cheapest QLED TV over 75”, we’ve done the digging to help you get more for your money.


Cheapest 32 inch TV deals: under £200

Here’s our roundup of the cheapest 32” TVs available right now. If you’ve got a small space, a 32” smart TV is an affordable option that still delivers a quality picture and sound. We found the cheapest model at Amazon.

Cheapest 32 inch TV Amazon

Sharp 1T C32BB3IE1NB 32" TV 



Techwood 32AO10FHD 32" Smart 1080p Full HD TV



cheapest 32 inch TV argos

Bush 32” HD Ready Freeview LED TV




Cheapest 40 inch TV deals: under £300 

If you’ve got more space and money to play with, a 40” TV is a great middle ground. Coming in at just under £200, the Bush TV from Argos
is a steal. We can't guarantee how long it will be around for, so grab it while you can!

Cheapest 40 inch tv ao

TCL 40ES568 40" Smart 1080p Full HD Android TV



cheapest 40 inch TV currys

JVC LT-39C3210 39" Smart HD Ready LED TV



cheapest 40 inch tv argos

Bush 40” Full HD Freeview DLED TV




Cheapest 50 inch TV deals: under £400 takes the cake for the cheapest 50” TV. At just £279, this Techwood model packs a punch with built-in Alexa.

cheapest 50 inch tv

Techwood 50AO9UHD 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV



cheapest 50 inch tv currys

LOGIK L50AUE21 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV 



cheapest 50 inch amazon TV

Hisense 50A7100FTUK 50" 4K UHD HDR Smart TV



Cheapest 65 inch TV deals: under £500 

There are plenty of budget-friendly 65” TVs around, if you know where to look. If you opt for the JVC model from Currys, you’ll get an additional 10% off the ‘Care & Repair’ extended warranty, too. 

Cheapest 65 inch TV currys

JVC LT-65CF890 65" Fire Smart TV



Cheapest 65 inch TV argos

Hisense Roku 65" R65A7200GTUK TV



Cheapest 65 inch TV amazon





Cheapest 75 inch TV deals: under £800 

stocks the cheapest 75” TV currently availalable— with almost a five star rating you won't want to miss this amazing deal.

Cheapest Argos 75 inch TV

Samsung 75 Inch UE75AU7100 Smart 4K Crystal UHD HDR TV



Amazon cheapest 75 inch TV

LG 75UP75006LC 75 inch 4K Smart LED TV



cheapest 75 inch TV currys

SAMSUNG UE75TU7020KXXU 75" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV



Cheapest 85 inch TV deals: under £2000

Sometimes, bigger is better. This LG model from Argos is available with a host of smart TV features like voice control.

Cheapest 85 inch TV Currys

SAMSUNG UE85AU7100KXXU 85" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV



Cheapest 85 inch TV argos

LG 86UP80006LA 86" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV



Cheapest 85 inch TV

LG 86" 86UP80006LA Smart 4K UHD LED Freeview TV



A technical guide to TVs: 4K vs QLED vs OLED—what's the difference? 

Shopping for a new TV can feel a bit like trying to interpret an alien language. All the acronyms can be pretty confusing to the average consumer. 

4K refers to a resolution of roughly 4000 pixels. QLED and OLED televisions can be 4K, but if a TV is marked as 4K, it doesn’t necessarily make it a QLED/OLED TV.

QLED stands for “quantum dot LED”. This is a new type of technology kicked off by Samsung in 2013 which is more durable and offers better contrast between light and dark. Gamers or film-lovers might be interested in this option.

OLED stands for “organic LED”. These TVs tend to be thinner and more lightweight, although they’re also typically the most expensive. OLED TVs have the best light/dark contrast, but there’s also a possibility of image retention. Image retention is when the screen retains a faint outline of an image, but this is rare and usually temporary. 

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