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Kindle Deals and Kindle Sales

19 Apr 2021

Kindle Deals


So instead of filling the bookshelf, you’d like to cut corners and costs by securing an Amazon Kindle deal? We don’t blame you, the Kindle e-reader is a magnificent piece of kit for the price you pay – with enhanced lighting, optimal storage space, Wi-Fi connectivity and even waterproofing, plus Bluetooth functionality on selected models. Whether you’re a casual reader or a book-blitzing extraordinaire, we’ve compiled the lowest prices on the web to help you catch up on your reading affordably.


You’ve likely checked our Amazon discount codes page for Kindle offers and are curious if any other retailers can top their price, in which case you’re in luck. The most popular electronics retailers love to vie for the lowest priced e-readers – meaning the best Kindle deals are always changing. To cut out the middle man, we’ve researched the cheapest tech deals on each Kindle variant, so you don’t have to. On a side note, if Amazon Prime Day is soon on the horizon (traditionally hosed in June/July), there may be a Prime Day Kindle waiting for you for as little as half price - so keep an eye on the calendar!


Amazon Kindle deals


Kindle deals


As the 10th generation model of the e-reader that started the trend, the standard Kindle comes out far cheaper than more premium models and can be more affordable than competitors’ own e-readers. You’ll get 8GB of storage along with a stable resolution of 167ppi, backed by 4 LED front lights. These lights are actually a new addition to this generation (2019) – making it a far more desirable choice over previous models. You can also utilise Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks from Audible, making this an ideal pick for budget shoppers, casual readers and audiobook listeners alike.


Be aware that the lowest-priced version comes with “Special Offers” included, which basically boils down to sponsored ads when your device’s screen is locked or on sleep mode. You can negate this by paying a little extra for your Kindle to come without the feature. This base version is also the only one besides the kids model not to feature waterproofing, making it unsuitable for areas like the beach, spa or bathroom.


Amazon £69.99 for Amazon Kindle 10 in Black
Currys PC World £69.99 for Amazon Kindle 10 in White
Argos £69.99 for Amazon Kindle 10 in Black
Very £69.99 for Amazon Kindle 10 in Black £69.00 for Amazon Kindle 10 in White


Kindle Paperwhite deals


Kindle Paperwhite deals


By far the most popular version, the Kindle Paperwhite is the mid-range option – introducing innovative improvements without increasing the price by too much. More lightweight and with a sleeker design than the standard Kindle, the Paperwhite is also the first to introduce waterproofed casing as standard – so you can bring it on holiday or anywhere near water without worry.


The Kindle Paperwhite also increases screen resolution to 300ppi for easier reading, as well as offering a 32GB version besides the 8GB one for bookworms. If that wasn’t enough, the Paperwhite can also include a 3G option alongside its Wi-Fi, allowing readers to browse and buy books away from home – a great feature for anyone who takes their reading with them. You pay slightly more for the 3G version but then there are no additional fees for using it. All in all, this is the best value Kindle on the market for what it provides – especially when bought with a good promo code.


Amazon £119.99 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB in Sage
Currys PC World £120.00 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB in Black
John Lewis £119.99 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB in Black
Very £119.99 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB in Twilight Blue £119.00 for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB in Twilight Blue


Kids Kindle offers


Kindle for Kids


Expanding your kids’ reading potential likely won’t come more reasonably priced than the Amazon Kindle for kids. Not simply because it comes quite well priced for the features it includes, but because each one includes a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ as standard, giving them access to thousands of kids’ books and magazines from the get-go. After the year is up it’s only £1.99 a month, making it possibly the cheapest way to source children’s literature. From a technical standpoint, it offers the same resolution, storage and lighting as the standard Kindle, however the icing on the cake is the extended 2-year worry-free warranty against accidental damage – an absolute must-have for toddlers handling premium tech.


Amazon £99.99 for Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in Blue
Argos £99.99 for Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in Blue
Very £99.99 for Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in Pink £65.00 for Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in Blue £99.99 for Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in Pink


Kindle Oasis deals


Kindle Oasis deals


The all-singing, all-dancing Kindle Oasis should be the reading companion of any dedicated bookworm. Introducing subtle but significant improvements to make the reading experience all the more enjoyable, the Kindle Oasis puts comfort at the forefront, with its own self-adjusting lighting, a more comfortable ergonomic layout and page-turning buttons to immerse yourself in literature more easily and for longer. Though the resolution remains the same as the Paperwhite, ease of reading is still enhanced thanks to a larger 7-inch screen (all other models are 6 inches) and a whopping 25 LED lights compared to the Paperwhite’s 5.


Of course, you can expect the price to increase significantly to match these changes. However, the right Kindle Oasis deal can lower a 32GB or mobile-connective model to the normal price of a bog-standard 8GB variant. Moreover, the increased number of LEDs, auto-adjusting lights and larger screen size will do wonders for your eyes if you like reading for extended periods, so accept nothing less if you love your literature.


Amazon £229.99 for Amazon Oasis 8GB in Graphite
Argos £229.99 for Amazon Oasis 8GB in Graphite
Very £229.99 for Amazon Oasis 8GB in Graphite £229.00 for Amazon Oasis 8GB in Graphite


Black Friday Kindle deals


As you may expect, Black Friday is one of the best times for Kindle sales online. With electrical discounts galore, the Amazon Black Friday page should always be your first stop when sourcing cheap Kindle deals. If you’re on the hunt for Kindle Paperwhite deals, Argos have previously offered up to 30% off this most popular model – check out our Argos Black Friday page to see if they’ve topped it in 2021. If you’re unsure what other competitors might be offering even greater savings, look through our Black Friday discount codes for inspiration – you could just land the tech deal of the year.


Black Friday lands on the 26th of November 2021, with more discounts on home appliances to follow on Cyber Monday the 29th. If you don’t find the Kindle discount code you want on our Black Friday page, check out our Cyber Monday deals for further reductions across the Kindle range.


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