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Skydive And Feel The Thrill

You have a lovely view of the clouds as you fly over York. Just before your plane lands, you see some bright dots floating down in a spiral and you wonder what they are. As you disembark from the plane, you see the dots, now turned into people, land in a huge field outside the airstrip with parachutes dragging behind them. You ask the flight attendant behind you where they have come from. She smiles with a knowing look and tells you to Google Groupon leisure offers in York to see what's available in the category. Your interest gets piqued; you want to know more. You can't wait to get to your hotel to log on.

Adrenaline Rush!

.You check online and what you find there is breathtaking and you want to go right away and try out cheap offers for parachuting in York. You quickly change, rush downstairs, get into a taxi and head straight to the Parachuting Academy with the great deals in parachuting they are offering. It's no wonder with the budget parachuting rates they have, you find a queue of parachuting enthusiasts at the registration desk and line up behind them. The trainer picks five of us and guides us through the details then leads us to the plane we are to parachute from. Adrenaline rush follows! You can't wait to try it again and invite your friends the next time you are in York to parachute.

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