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Discover Brighton with Groupon offers

In Groupon, we cooperate with local merchants. When you buy deals on our site, you support local businesses. In other words, when you go to a family-owned restaurant or beauty salon, you make your contribution to developing local enterprises. At the same time, at Groupon we offer significant discounts, even up to 70%. This way, the advantage is on both sides; both the merchant’s and the client’s.

In order to find offers suitable for you, go through deals on our site and check what is available in different categories. If you want to eat out, you can choose your preferred restaurant. If you need some repair service to be done, go through personal services category. If you are searching for a leisure option, see our “things to do” deals. And finally, if you are looking for cool presents for special occasions, check what kind of gift ideas we can offer. You can even surprise someone with a voucher for an unusual experience, like for example jumping from a parachute!