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You Can Get 10% Off Servicing & MOT at Kwik Fit
ExclusiveYou Can Get 10% Off Servicing & MOT at Kwik Fit
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  • Students

    Students Can Enjoy 15% Off Next MOT & Servicing Combo at Kwik Fit

    Save a packet next time you visit Kwik Fit with this discount code.

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    43 usedExpires 13/03/2020
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  • Super Offer

    Buy 2 or More Michelin CrossClimate Tyres and Get 10% Off Plus a Free Winter Safety Kit at Kwik Fit

    Enjoy 10% off plus a free safety kit for the winter.

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    204 usedExpires 27/02/2020
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  • 5% Off

    Enjoy 5% Off Car Battery Orders at Kwik Fit

    Use this code to save 5% on your next order at Kwik Fit!

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    151 usedExpires 27/01/2020
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  • Students

    10% Student Discount on Aircon at Kwik Fit

    Hey students, don't sweat the small stuff, just go with Kwik Fit!

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    112 usedExpires 13/03/2020
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  • 5% Off

    2 Goodyear Tyre Orders Get 5% Off at Kwik Fit

    Don't miss a 5% saving on 2 Goodyear tyre orders this January!

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    61 usedExpires 31/01/2020
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  • 10% Off

    Save 10% on 4 Goodyear Tyre Orders at Kwik Fit

    Buy your next set of tyres from Kwik Fit and enjoy a 10% saving.

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    130 usedExpires 31/01/2020
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  • Don't Miss

    Buy 2 or More Continental Tyres and Get 10% Off Plus a Free Lifestyle Shopping Voucher at Kwik Fit

    Sort out your next set of wheels with Kwik Fit and save 10% plus nab a free lifestyle voucher too!

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    76 usedExpires 31/01/2020
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  • 10% Off

    Buy 2 or More Pirelli Tyres and Get 10% Off at Kwik Fit

    Sort your next set of wheels out with Kwik Fit and save 10%.

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    73 usedExpires 29/02/2020
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  • Savings

    Take Advantage of a Free Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Inspections at Kwik Fit

    Book in a long overdue exhaust inspection at Kwik Fit, and have complete peace of mind when you set off on your next journey.

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    Expires 04/02/2020
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  • Must Have

    Don't Miss Out on a Free Wheel Alignment Check at Kwik Fit

    Head over to Kwik Fit and you can get free wheel alignment and tracking. This offer is too good to scroll past.

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    117 usedExpires 28/01/2020
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  • Don't Miss

    Get your Brakes Checked for Free at Kwik Fit

    Don't risk it! Get free brake check at Kwik Fit today. What are you waiting for?

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    Expires 04/02/2020
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  • Great Deal

    An Air Conditioning Recharge and Service is Just £39.95 at Kwik Fit

    Worrying about your Air Conditioning Emptying? Kwik Fit will help you get it sorted quickly with easy online booking and brilliant prices.

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    Expires 10/03/2020
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  • Don't Miss

    Don't Miss a Free Vehicle Safety Check at Kwik Fit

    Avoid the stress of breakdowns with a free vehicle safety check at Kwik Fit.

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    Expires 28/01/2020
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  • Super Saver

    MOT Tests Starting from £27 at Kwik Fit

    Kwik Fit makes the yearly MOT test less fuss with easy online booking and great prices.

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    114 usedExpires 13/04/2020
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Popular Kwik Fit Voucher Codes

Voucher Code DescriptionDiscount TypeExpiry Date
2 Goodyear Tyre Orders Get 5% Off at Kwik FitOnline Code31 Jan 2020
10% Student Discount on Aircon at Kwik FitOnline Code13 Mar 2020
Enjoy 5% Off Car Battery Orders at Kwik FitOnline Code27 Jan 2020
Buy 2 or More Michelin CrossClimate Tyres and Get 10% Off Plus a Free Winter Safety Kit at Kwik FitOnline Code27 Feb 2020
Students Can Enjoy 15% Off Next MOT & Servicing Combo at Kwik FitOnline Code13 Mar 2020
You Can Get 10% Off Servicing & MOT at Kwik FitExclusive Online Code26 Jan 2020

There's a great brand in town: Kwik Fit

Make your driving dreamy with the help of Kwik-Fit. With a huge range of parts for repairs, including brakes, tyres and exhausts to name but a few, and a huge fleet of highly-trained fitters across the country, you’ll be right and ready to be on the road in no time. Use your kwik fit discount code to save on your next MOT test or service, or head to one of the 600 centres across the UK to find the parts you’re want for less. You’re sure to be wheely happy with your order from Kwik-Fit.

Favourite tips for penny pinchers Kwik Fit

Searching for a new SatNav? Or in desperate need of a brakes inspection? Make sure to check out the Kwik-Fit Offers page to get yourself an excellent deal on parts and services so that your car is always in tip-top condition. Changing frequently to match with the seasons, you’ll find a range of products that work all year-round and specific items to keep you safe during the harsher winter months,

Top picks from Kwik Fit

Forget getting stranded anytime soon with the Kwik-Fit Battery services. Not only can you have your current battery health checked by a professional for free, but you can have a new one fitted and old one disposed of on the day by the experts at Kwik-Fit if any faults appear. Look up your vehicle registration online to find the right battery for your car and use your Kwik Fit voucher codes to make a saving. Both you and your car will be revving to go once you’ve got a new one fitted for less.

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Reasons to choose Kwik Fit

Since their first garage opened in Edinburgh in 1971, Kwik Fit have made it their mission to offer elite car servicing and repairs for customers across the whole of Europe.

With decades of experience under their belts, you know when you take your car to a Kwik Fit garage you’re guaranteed a quality-checked, tried and tested servicing.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features Kwik Fit offer which go above and beyond a standard repair shop.

  • Tyre fitting services. Any mechanic worth their wrench can fit a tyre, but Kwik Fit have become famed for the quality, speed and efficiency shown in tyre fitting. They go the extra mile to fit wheels for cars, vans, bikes and even motorhomes.
  • Recycling ethics and values. At a time when the need to be ethically aware is greater than ever, Kwik Fit have made a real point of making their business as green as possible. They repurpose your old tyres to create sports fields, while expired engine fluid is turned into marine oil. They also offer top tips for anyone looking to improve their carbon footprint.
  • The Kwik Fit blog. From industry news to useful advice you can use in the everyday maintenance of your vehicle, this blog provides visitors with a wealth of informative content. Recent posts include a discussion on safe driving in wet conditions, as well as an informative guide on how tyre pressure sensors work.

Q&A with Kwik-Fit

Kwik Fit banner

Can I book my MOT through Kwik-Fit?

Absolutely. There are more than 500 Kwik Fit MOT testing centres across the UK, many of which are open seven days a week. Booking a service at the same time is highly advised as you can receive an additional saving over the total price. Simply use the online registration search tool and book your vehicle in today. You can even use the MOT reminder service to ensure you don’t miss your appointment.

Can Kwik-Fit do a fitting with my own equipment?

It is strictly prohibited that Kwik-Fit staff perform fittings with tyres or other parts supplied by its customers. Due to the risk to safety and the vehicle’s warranty support as outlined in the policy, fitting unknown and unspecified equipment cannot be completed by Kwik-Fit staff. If you’re looking to make a saving on equipment it is best to use the Kwik fit discount code on your order.

What is the Kwik-Fit tyre policy?

This is a comprehensive tyre insurance policy offered by Kwik-Fit to help you protect your tyres against accidental or malicious damage. It means, should the worst happen, you can take your car into any Kwik-Fit tyre centre and claim under the insurance.

How do I get a refund from Kwik-Fit?

Should you need to receive a refund for a booking, you can be reimbursed by a member of the Kwik-Fit online helpers. Otherwise, you can call the customer service number below. Products deemed faulty will normally be replaced before being refunded, however, if the manufacturer confirms the product is faulty, you may be entitled to a refund.

What are the opening hours of Kwik-Fit?

The Kwik-Fit customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. You can also ring Saturdays and Sunday between 10am and 4pm. Bank holidays follow weekend schedules.

MOT Test FAQs with Kwik Fit

MOT tests ensure your car is road legal, with Kwik Fit's testers checking all the necessary components to make sure your vehicle meets the standard set out by the DVSA. If it passes, you’ll be issued with an MOT certificate and advised of anything that needs work.

Between 2017 and 2018, 30,594,038 MOT tests were carried out, according to DVSA data.

Why are MOT tests important?

MOT tests make sure all cars on UK roads meet the same road safety and environmental standards. If you drive without a valid MOT, you could be fined up to £1,000.

How often does a car need an MOT?

New cars only need an MOT three years after the initial registration. After that, an MOT lasts a year so you’ll get to get another test before the date it runs out (printed on your current MOT pass certificate).

You can get your MOT done up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep your original renewal date.

How much does an MOT cost?

MOT test stations will charge different amounts, but there is a maximum charge depending on the type of vehicle. The most you can be charged for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle.

What is included in an MOT?

Experts will carry out a series of checks. This includes looking at your car’s:

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Registration Plate
  • Lights
  • Steering and suspension
  • Wipers and washer bottle
  • Windscreen
  • Horn
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Fuel system
  • Emissions
  • Bodywork
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brakes

What happens if my car fails an MOT?

Your car will fail if MOT testers find ‘dangerous’ or ‘major’ problems. ‘Minor’ or ‘advisory’ problems might also be found, but they won’t cause a car to fail an MOT.

When a car fails, it is recorded in the MOT database and the owner is given a refusal of an MOT test certificate. It’s then down to them to get the repairs and a retest or partial retest done, depending on how much was wrong. The retest might be free or for a reduced fee.

In 2017/18, 34.5% of cars, vans and passenger vehicles with up to 12 seats failed initially. This reduced to 26.2% on the retest, according to DVSA data.

You can also appeal a failed result if you think it’s wrong.

Can you drive without an MOT?

With the exception of driving to a pre-arranged MOT test or to and from getting repairs, you can’t drive a car on the roads without an MOT.

Saving money with Kwik Fit

Maintaining your vehicle can be expensive. Kwik Fit understand that, which is why they give customers the chance to cut costs as much as possible. Here are some of the best ways to save:

Replacement and repair advice guides. Allowing a problem to go unnoticed (or ignoring it altogether) can lead to a more costly bill down the line. In their blog section, visitors are provided with advice on what to look out for, as well as what the fix of a problem usually is.

  • Buying guides. Similarly, buying the wrong kinds of products for your car can also lead to an expensive headache. Using the buying guides provided by the Kwik Fit team can save you both time and money.

How to apply a Kwik Fit offer code

Making the most of your offer code is easy. To get a discount and start saving on your next purchase, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the code you want, and make sure to write down or copy it.
  • On the page which opens in a new tab, make sure to click the appointment time and service you need.
  • On the “Enter your details page” you’ll see an option to add an offer code. Paste or type the earlier code here.
  • Finish your purchase and watch as you get money off your service.

It really is that easy to save with the help of these wonderful Kwik Fit offer codes.

Connecting with Kwik Fit

Call Kwik Fit: 0800 757 677
Email Kwik Fit via the contact form.
Write to Kwik Fit: Kwik Fit (GB) Limited, ETEL House, Avenue One, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 2HU

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