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Spray Tan in Belfast

BY: Nic |2 Oct 2015

I recently popped into Vita Liberata at House of Fraser, Belfast for a spray tan, as Summer seems to have done a runner and I fancied a fuss free faux glow! If you're new to self tanning or want to ensure an immaculate, even finish for a special occasion, this particular spray tan gets 5 gold stars from me.  Spray tanning can be daunting if you've never done it before, so I thought I'd share my experience to give you an idea of what to expect.


The Vita Liberata tanning booth is in the middle of House of Fraser - basically a pop-up room, which only your tanner can access - so no need to worry about uninvited guests! Mine was with Angie, who immediately dispelled any nerves with friendly banter as she explained the process. Angie sprays every body shape, size and age regularly - from 18 year old blokes to 80 year old women - and in her own words, has 'seen it all before!' We discussed my skin type, whether I had any special events coming up, or planned to wear a particular outfit (eg a backless dress) and what depth of colour I wanted to go for.



Vita Liberata spray tans come in different formulas as well as colours:  Invisi - an invisible spray tan (no instant tint) which develops throughout the day, is great for brides or anyone popping out in their lunch hour who doesn't want to return to work a different colour. Anti-aging, with extra skincare benefits or Classic have an instant tint that develops throughout the day. The colours are Hawaii, Ecuador and Brazil, which basically translates as light, medium or dark; Ecuador being the most popular. I opted for a Classic Ecuador.


Basically, pants! You can keep your own on (pref dark coloured ones) or wear the black disposable thong provided. A hairnet is also provided, for which I was very grateful as I'd stupidly forgotten to bring a hair tie. (I may have used one of the thongs to tie it up before popping the net on, shhh). Sticky feet are also provided to keep your soles tan-free - these are a bit like plastic cut outs with one sticky side. Some people have driven home in them apparently! And that's it. There's really no point in wearing anything else and no-one will see you (except Angie, who's seen it all before, remember?) She pops out for a few mins and leave you to get ready (or unready) in private.


Angie prepped my hands, knees, elbows and feet (all areas prone to dryness) with oil-free moisturising lotion and got straight to work with her spray. Starting with my back, she sprayed vertically down each limb, asking me to turn and explaining exactly how I should stand as she went along. The sensation is like being sprayed with cool water (it's actually the air pressure that's cold) and I quickly got used to it. Afterwards Angie showed me the tan in the mirror and asked if there were any areas I'd like it to be more intense (this doesn't deepen the colour, just the richness of the tan). When we were done she cleaned my palms and fingernails with a wipe, chatted to me for a while with the fan on to dry the tan, then left me to get dressed. The actual spray only takes about ten minutes.


Getting dressed straight after a spray tan is tricky as your skin is tacky, covered with tint and you need to avoid touching it. I recommend a loose, dark dress, strapless bra and flip flops. The good thing about the Vita Liberata booth in House of Fraser is that you can nip down to the underground car park straight after, so no need to go outside if it's cold or wet. You'll obviously want to avoid rain or water of any kind. I was advised not to shower for 10+ hours, ideally next day but I couldn't wait that long. NB a cool shower with no product is advised to help the longevity of your tan - and skin should be gently patted dry.


I LOVED my colour straight after the spray - I literally looked like I'd just stepped off a plane and had the perfect dark bronze tan - the kind I'd never get naturally. Of course a good bit of the tinted colour guide disappeared in the shower and I was left with a more natural looking lovely golden tan, which lasted for almost a week and wore off evenly. I didn't have a single streak or patchy bit, even around my hairline, hands and feet and would definitely recommend this treatment if you're heading off on holiday, have a special occasion or just want to have a gorgeous glow!

I had my Vita Liberata Spray Tan at House of Fraser in Victoria Square, Belfast. For bookings, call 07909 331341.

PS Ask for Angie. Tell her Nic sent you!



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