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Find 50% Off with Deals of the Day at Amazon
Find 50% Off with Deals of the Day at Amazon
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  • 25% Off

    First Orders up to £200 are 25% Off at Amazon Business

    Take the faff out of ordering supplies for your company by choosing Amazon Business, and save 25% on your first order!

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    93 usedExpires 15/12/2019
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  • Black Friday

    Don't Miss the Amazing Savings this Black Friday at Amazon

    Make sure you check out the incredible savings that will be up for grabs at Amazon this Black Friday!

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    205 usedExpires 29/11/2019
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  • 20% Off

    Enjoy Savings of 20% on Selected Baby Wishlist Orders Over £800 at Amazon

    For all the joy they bring, babies don't come cheap! But if you get all your baby essentials through Amazon, you can get a great 20% saving with this code!

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    199 usedExpires 02/12/2019
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  • 15% Off

    Enjoy Savings of 15% on Selected Baby Wishlist Orders Over £500 at Amazon

    Spend £500 or on your baby wishlist, and save 15%.

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    130 usedExpires 02/12/2019
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  • £20 Off

    Amazon Fresh: £20 Off First Orders Over £60

    Get great savings with Amazon.

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    202 usedExpires 02/12/2019
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  • 10% Off

    Enjoy Savings of 10% on Selected Baby Wishlist Orders Over £200 at Amazon

    With a new mouth to feed, every little helps!

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    144 usedExpires 02/12/2019
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  • up to 50% Off

    Shop the Outlet to Save 50% on Orders at Amazon

    This humongous outlet section has something for every savvy shopper!

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    69 usedExpires 20/11/2019
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  • £10 Off

    Sign in to the App for the First Time to Claim a Free £10 Voucher Code at Amazon

    Get yourself onto the Amazon app for the first time and you'll be rewarded with a free £10 off discount code.

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    532 usedExpires 30/12/2019
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  • Deal

    Spend £90+ on Orders and Save £4 at Amazon Pantry

    Shop with Amazon Pantry for great products and brilliant savings.

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    58 usedExpires 30/11/2019
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  • Students

    Amazon Prime - Students Can Trial for Six Months

    Students can trial this great product from Amazon.

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    127 usedExpires 16/02/2020
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  • £10 Off

    Spend £50+ on Your First Amazon Prime Now App Order and Save £10 at Amazon

    First orders over £50 through the Prime app can get £10 off with this code!

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    66 usedExpires 31/01/2020
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  • Great Deal

    Save £120 on the 128GB Apple iPhone 7 at Amazon

    Get all the quality and function of Apple products, without the price tag!

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    175 usedExpires 21/11/2019
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  • Free ClickCollect

    Prime Members Enjoy Free Click and Collect with Hub Locations at Amazon

    Simply choose the best location for you, and your order will be delivered there for free.

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    70 usedExpires 23/01/2020
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  • Free Gift

    Selected Product Orders Enjoy Free Samples at Amazon Fresh

    If you're shopping with Amazon Fresh, make sure not to miss out on these great samples.

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    45 usedExpires 23/01/2020
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Popular Amazon Voucher Codes

Voucher Code DescriptionDiscount TypeExpiry Date
Amazon Fresh: £20 Off First Orders Over £60Online Code02 Dec
Enjoy Savings of 15% on Selected Baby Wishlist Orders Over £500 at AmazonOnline Code02 Dec
Enjoy Savings of 20% on Selected Baby Wishlist Orders Over £800 at AmazonOnline Code02 Dec
Don't Miss the Amazing Savings this Black Friday at AmazonOnline Deal29 Nov
First Orders up to £200 are 25% Off at Amazon BusinessOnline Code15 Dec
Find 50% Off with Deals of the Day at AmazonOnline Deal30 Dec

Discover Amazon

Amazon has fast established itself as one of the most successful companies in the world, growing to dominate the online retail space and breaking into the top 10 companies in the world in 2018. From second hand books to a brand new phone, Amazon has something for everyone and offers a huge range of pre-loved and mint condition goods. Don’t forget to add an Amazon discount code from us when you check out to get the best savings on your shop! Whether you’re looking for that perfect new jumper or a stylish second-hand band tee to show your dedication to the artist you love, you can get the very best clothes, secondhand and new, with Amazon.

Snap up more savings with Amazon

If you’re looking to tighten your belt without sacrificing top quality fashion and gifts, check out Amazon’s online deals section for discounts on everything from boots to blenders. With Amazon’s online lightning deals, you can find doubly good discounts on limited offer and snap up a one time discount on all the best products across the board.

Trending at Amazon

If you’re feeling a little snowed under and want an extra pair of hands around the house, ask Alexa and let the Amazon Echo lighten the load. Amazon’s hugely successful Smarthome system can help you double your efficiency or just put on the perfect song when you’re doing the dishes, all for less with a Amazon voucher code from us. Enjoy your Echo discount and bump up your home for less with Amazon

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Ways to save money with Amazon

With literally trillions of sales made on an annual basis, Amazon has evolved into one of the strongest and most recognisable brands in the world. Users from all across the globe buy and sell items on the ecommerce platform every second. From their headquarters in Seattle, Amazon has grown to become a household name.

It’s likely little surprise that the platform’s road to success was paved with deals and offers created solely to benefit its users. Those are still a staple of Amazon today. If you’re looking to save money on the site, here are a few fantastic ways to do so.

Deals of the week.

Trying to shop on a budget? Amazon has got you covered. Every week you’ll find a selection of exciting and affordable new deals to take advantage of. These range from discounts on electrical goods, to money saved on homeware.

Black Friday.

Most places have their own form of Black Friday deals, but Amazon’s are a little different. Starting at some time around mid-November, the promotion will often run across two weeks of the month. Just like with any vendor, you can expect to save bundles of cash during this period. Especially on some of the more expensive items on offer.

Amazon discount codes.

There are loads of fantastic discount codes to choose from. These are a great way to save money. All you have to do is copy, write down or remember a simple promotional code.

Some of the best discount codes currently available include the likes of:

  • Up to 30% off any purchase
  • £20 off your first order over £60 with AmazonFresh
  • Save £120 on the 128GB Apple iPhone 7

Make sure to use these before a purchase to make the most of your shopping trip.

Amazon Prime benefits

There are loads of reasons why paying a little extra for Amazon Prime every month is well worth it. From unlimited storage on Amazon Photos, to a Twitch Prime membership, users are treated to a lot.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best membership perks which can be used by customers to make their lives that little bit easier.

  • Amazon Prime Day. Held once a year on a changing date (in 2019 it was July 15th), this special occasion offers deals exclusively to Prime customers. Working similarly to Black Friday, the key difference is regular users won’t be able to take advantage of the fantastic offers available. Only Prime members can prosper.
  • Prime Videos. Rivaling the popular service which Netflix offers, Prime Video allows members to watch a selection of fantastic programming, all from the comfort of their home. With new shows like The Boys, The Grand Tour and Carnival Row, as well as hundreds of movies, there’s months’ worth of content to keep people hooked.
  • Free delivery. A lot of companies offer free standard delivery if you pay a certain amount for your items. With Prime, you get free one-day delivery every time, regardless of other factors. It’s a lifesaver for those times when you need something ASAP.

How to use your Amazon discount code

We’ve already touched on the benefits of using an Amazon discount code when you make a purchase. But how do you use that code?

Step 1) Click on the above code you’d like to use. This will take you through to the product page for that item.

Step 2) Add that, and whatever else you’d like, to your basket. Then proceed to the checkout.

Step 3) Lastly, but most importantly, find the promotional code box at the checkout and enter your code. Then just complete the purchase.

It really is as easy as that. Add your code to a purchase and save money on your next buy.

Q&A with Amazon

Amazon banner UK

How long will my Amazon delivery take?

While Amazon deliveries vary from vendor to vendor, the majority of items will have a standard and next day option, with Amazon Prime customers enjoying a one-day delivery time.

How do refunds work with Amazon?

You have the right to cancel any order within 14 days of receipt. For Amazon run sites, you will have 30 days after the receipt to return all undamaged and unused products for a full refund.

How do I track my Amazon parcel?

While not all Amazon items can be tracked, if you head to your order details page of your account, you’ll be able to see the status of your item if it is eligible for tracking.

How do I change my Amazon order details?

Provided your item hasn’t been shipped, you can change the details of your Amazon purchase in the ‘orders’ section of your account. This includes address change and full cancellation.

10 amazing Amazon ecommerce facts

Do you use Amazon? If so, you make up one of the 310 million active customers who use the e-commerce platform on a daily basis. But how much do you actually know about this industry leader?

Here are 10 random and fascinating facts about the website.

1. The worst 40 minutes in retail history

When the Amazon website went down for a mere 40 minutes in August of 2013, it’s estimated the company could have lost out on as much as $4.72m. That’s using their then-average sale-per-minute valuation of $117,682 every 60 seconds. It’s safe to say having a disaster management plan in place is a must for any business, even a giant like Amazon.

2. A-to-Z

There’s a very particular reason why the A and Z in the company logo are the two which are connected by both points of the trademark “arrow smile”. This is a sign from the business that they’re happy to deliver from “A-to-Z” – anywhere in the world. Clever branding, to say the least.

3. Providing rapid employment growth

Amazon provides a whopping 27,500 jobs to workers in the UK alone. These are split between a number of their different departments. 20,000 of the positions are taken up in fulfilment centres and delivery stations, while the remaining 7,500 are in corporate, web services, and research and design roles.

4. Giving back to the economy

Amazon has given a whopping £9.3bn back to the UK economy since 2010 alone. It just goes to show how despite having their own interests at heart, a large corporation can still have a positive impact on the society around them.

5. The first book

As many people know, Amazon started off as a vendor who only sold books. But do you know what the very first product they ever sold was? The answer is Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought. Quite the complex title.

6. Quick growth

Some businesses are slow burners. Amazon by contrast had sold books to all 50 US states and 45 countries by the end of their first month of trading. While that didn’t quite equate to million-dollar-figures, it was this healthy start which set them on their way.

7. From the bottom to the top

Company culture is a major influencing factor in every decision Amazon make. They demonstrate that across all parts of their business. Perhaps most intriguingly is their service desk policy.

Every single member of the team (including CEOs) have to spend at least two days a year working on the desk. The idea is to give everyone, regardless of position, an idea of how important and valuable a good customer service department is.

8. Admired across the world

The e-commerce giants are currently ranked as the second most admired company in the world (according to Fortune), behind only technological powerhouses Apple. They must be doing something right.

9. Seattle, the unofficial home

While Amazon has employees dotted all across the world, as many as 40,000 of them live in Seattle, Washington. To make that stat even more mind-boggling, that means 7.5% of the working age inhabitants of the city are Amazon employees.

10. The fastest UK delivery

According to the Birmingham Mail, the fastest UK delivery was made in a mere 14 minutes and 8 seconds, in Sutton Coldfield. The order was placed on July 11th 2017, and was for an Amazon Echo. Ironic.

Did you know any of these facts? Keep them in your backpocket for any upcoming quizzes.

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