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The Best Food in London to Kiss Goodbye to the Diet

BY: Rejina Sabur-Cross | 18 Feb 2015
The Best Food in London to Kiss Goodbye to the Diet

It’s around about now that most people realise that New Year’s diets are a bit ridiculous, really. This is namely because it’s freezing cold, SAD has well and truly kicked in, money’s painfully tight and the last thing you want in the whole world is another plate of salad. Luckily London is abound with a terrific variety of places to cheer yourself up in the mouth. Here are my top five:

Keu - Bánh Mì

Keu is far and away one of the very best places to obtain your bánh mì fix. The all-important bread manages to remain crisp on the outside yet fluffy within, and fully capable of containing all those tangy pickle juices like the most delicious of sponges. Go for the roast duck, and I can guarantee you’ll polish off every last crumb. If you’re still feeling peckish they’ve also started stocking tubs of salted caramel gelupo ice cream.

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Kerbisher and Malt - Good Old Fish and Chips

In an ocean of American themed gourmet junk food, it’s nice to just tuck into a really good portion of good old fish and chips. Weirdly, this has become harder and harder to come by in the capital, and apart from Happy Days in Aldgate, I can think of few genuinely good contenders. Kerbisher and Malt specialise in modern British fish & chips, and have recently opened a new branch in EC1.

Inito - Chicken Lollipops

Inito has been my secret Indian food find for a couple of months now, and I can think of no finer way to break a diet in style than with one of their delicious lamb biryanis or a portion of chicken lollipops, at astonishingly wallet-friendly prices. Except perhaps their butter chicken which is just exemplary.

Smoking Goat - Fish Sauce Wings

Possibly the most talked about foodstuff in recent history, the fish sauce wings at Thai Soho barbecue Smoking Goat are those of gastronomic legend and with good reason. Generously portioned these will haunt your taste buds in a good way, and there can’t be a more effective way to chase off the winter blues. Just get there early to avoid the queues.

Hot Box - Smoked Mac and Cheese

For a proper blow out, why not go for the smoked mac and cheese at hot box? They also do a terrific line in short ribs and I can confirm that the chipotle beef rib taco (served with chimmichuri, crispy fried shallot, rocket and chipotle mayo) is disgustingly good, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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BY: Rejina Sabur-Cross